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05-12-2022 - monday


Tamburi Parlanti

MUSTA presents an elaborate six track EP project, titled 'Tamburi Parlanti' which translates to 'Talking Drums' in English. The body of work marks a t... more...

LP Full Time: FTM202208 € 19,99

07-10-2022 - friday

Rainbow Team

Rainbow Team

Rare and a real cult, the first homonym album by obscure italo-disco group Rainbow Team sees the light once again since its first release in 1981. Thi... more...

LP Full Time: FTM202204 € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Jimmy Ross

First True Love Affair

From 1981, remastered and re-pressed. James Albert Ross, also known as Mel Turner, was a singer from Trinidad who teamed up with Kano's founders Lucia... more...

LP Full Time: FTM202205 € 19,49

08-06-2022 - wednesday

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20-12-2021 - monday



Straight from the immense shelves of the Full Time Production warehouse, here's a new must-have gem for the Italo disco lovers. Eponymous album ''Kano... more...

LP Full Time: FTM202101 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

12inch Full Time: FTM202106 € 12,99

28-09-2021 - tuesday

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01-12-2020 - tuesday

Easy Going


Italian disco band - made up of 3 elements - tooks its name from a gay-club in Rome. The group was formed by Paul Micioni (the disc-jockey of Easy Goi... more...

LP Full Time: FTM202005 remind

29-09-2020 - tuesday

12inch Full Time: FTM202004 remind

25-05-2020 - monday

26-02-2020 - wednesday

12-12-2019 - thursday

12inch Full Time: FTM201912 € 10,99

Easy Going

Easy Going

If at the end of the Seventies you were at Piazza Barberini in Rome at night, you would have come across a small but crowded club half-hidden in the a... more...

12inch Full Time: FTM201913 € 14,99

25-11-2019 - monday

22-11-2019 - friday


EP 3

Third compilation EP of classic Kano material. The tracks have been remastered.

12inch Full Time: FTM201911 € 10,99

05-10-2019 - saturday

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