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16-01-2023 - monday

DMX Krew - Blue Blob

DMX Krew

Blue Blob

DMX Krew is back on Furthur Electronix! Here with a fine versatile EP, ranging in style from tripped out downbeat to Bleepy Sheffield style bass techn... more...

12inch Furthur Electronix: FE079 € 14,99

19-09-2022 - monday

Tunik - 777 EP


777 EP

Fresh dance floor bombs from one of the most talented and uprising Artists in the Barcelona Underground scene! Tunik has been making quite a buzz for... more...

12inch Furthur Electronix: FE076 € 13,49

12-09-2022 - monday

Sound Synthesis - Hum Of Human Dreams

Sound Synthesis

Hum Of Human Dreams

The acidic electro master Sound Synthesis is back on Furthur Electronix with a brand new album! Limited copies and comes with a beautifully printed Ga... more...

2LP Furthur Electronix: FE077 € 31,99

CRC - Derelict EP


Derelict EP

Michael Diekmann from Morphology, here under his CRC alias with a high quality acidic breakbeat EP. Limited copies and printed sleeve.

12inch Furthur Electronix: FE075 € 14,99

07-06-2022 - tuesday

Hexagon  - Information Paradox


Information Paradox

Boris Bunnik/Versalife here with a new album from his Hexagon alias! Information Paradox is a fine dark and timeless IDM/Electro sounding album into S... more...

2LP Furthur Electronix: FE067 € 24,99

23-05-2022 - monday

Tusken Raiders - Housewerk Vol 1 & 2

Tusken Raiders

Housewerk Vol 1 & 2

Michael Paradinas aka Tusken Raiders with a new album! Beautiful printed gatefold sleeve. Limited copies. more...

2LP Furthur Electronix: FE073 € 29,99

09-05-2022 - monday

Jack Smooth - PH Scales 4

Jack Smooth

PH Scales 4

Part 4 of the PH Scales series from UK 90's mastermind Ron Wells. Here under his Jack Smooth alias. Mighty fine timeless acidic tracks

12inch Furthur Electronix: FE060 € 12,99

21-03-2022 - monday

31-01-2022 - monday

Pearl River Sound - The White Dove Pt. 1

Pearl River Sound

The White Dove Pt. 1

Fine journey of Electronix with everything from Braindance, Breakbeat, Acid to Downtempo.. Dedicated to the memory of Antonio Semeraro more...

12inch Furthur Electronix: FE062 € 11,99

17-01-2022 - monday

Cult 48 - Underground Signals From An Unknown Place

Cult 48

Underground Signals From An Unknown Place

The mysterious Cult 48 with another future classic IDM album, for fans of Boards Of Canada etc.. more...

2LP Furthur Electronix: C48/FE003 € 31,99

Cignol - Switching For A Living


Switching For A Living

Very sought after early Cignol productions which were only previously released on CD. TIP! more...

2x12inch Furthur Electronix: FE068 € 24,99

13-12-2021 - monday

06-12-2021 - monday

John Beltran - Aesthete

John Beltran


New album from one of the big legendary Detroit producers. Aesthete is a warm journey into deep timeless electronix sounds, highly recommended! more...

2LP Furthur Electronix: FE066 € 24,99

29-11-2021 - monday

11-10-2021 - monday

04-10-2021 - monday

10-09-2021 - friday

Cignol - Lost Cignals Part 2


Lost Cignals Part 2

Cignol returns to Further Electronix with another installation of the Lost Cignals EP series. The second part picks up on the Dublin producer’s pedigr... more...

10inch Furthur Electronix: FE072 € 11,99

26-07-2021 - monday

14-05-2021 - friday

23-04-2021 - friday

Jack Smooth - PH Scales 3

Jack Smooth

PH Scales 3

In keeping with the overall tone of PH Scales one and two (also on Further Electronix), Jack Smooth toys with the fundamentals on the series’ third in... more...

12inch Furthur Electronix: FE055 € 11,99

29-03-2021 - monday

14-01-2021 - thursday

01-12-2020 - tuesday

19-11-2020 - thursday

03-09-2020 - thursday

Various Artists - Touched Electronix 005

Various Artists

Touched Electronix 005

Touched Music and Furthur Electronix two forward thinking labels have merged together to put out exclusive compilations. Putting some of the best musi... more...

2x12inch Furthur Electronix: TE005 € 29,99

Silverlining x Deep Blue Project - Kermadec Trench EP

Silverlining x Deep Blue Project

Kermadec Trench EP

Unreleased 90’s tracks from Silverlining x Blue Project. For fans of early Warp, Artificial Intelligence, B12 etc.. Limited copies.

12inch Furthur Electronix: FE028 € 11,99

Various Artists - Birth

Various Artists


Heavy weight Furthur Electronix artists compilation to celebrate the birth of label owner Anil’s daughter Vera. more...

3LP Furthur Electronix: FE043 remind

10-07-2020 - friday

03-07-2020 - friday

Obergman - Angular Momentum


Angular Momentum

Ola Bergman with a impressive album under his alias 'Obergman'. 8 tracks of perfectly executed acid and electro bombs. Limited pressing of 200 copies.... more...

2LP Furthur Electronix: FE033 remind

Lausen - Glorius Box Dates


Glorius Box Dates

Essential analog acid album! Includes remastered versions of ''Dry Ray'' and ''Acid Inhaler'' from the ''Anti Static EP'' released in 1995 on Drop Bas... more...

2LP Furthur Electronix: FE037 remind

Acronym - Mind Games EP
12inch Furthur Electronix: FE038 remind

20-05-2020 - wednesday

Jack Smooth - pH Scales

Jack Smooth

pH Scales

Phat analog acidic tracks from Jack Smooth aka Ron Wells, limited pressing of 200 copies.

12inch Furthur Electronix: FE027 remind