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08-05-2020 - friday

Leafar Legov - Mirror

Leafar Legov


Leafar Legov's debut album with some lovely lush techno and electronix! more...

2LP Giegling: glglp009 remind

21-02-2020 - friday

Lawrence - Moonlight



Deep lush tracks by Lawrence who didnt loose his magic! Fine tracks with subtile basslines and spaced out melodies and sounds to drift away by! Recomm... more...

12inch Giegling: Glg027 remind

23-10-2019 - wednesday

05-04-2019 - friday

18-12-2018 - tuesday

Molly - Waves



Molly's debut EP for Giegling with some tight modern club tracks Giegling style!

EP Giegling: Glg022 remind

19-11-2018 - monday

01-08-2018 - wednesday

Vril - Haus



Vril's debut EP on Giegling.

12inch Giegling: Glg023 remind

05-06-2018 - tuesday

28-12-2017 - thursday

o//oo - o//oo
12inch Giegling: GlgGGG05 remind

01-11-2017 - wednesday

12-07-2017 - wednesday

22-05-2017 - monday

16-12-2016 - friday

18-11-2016 - friday

Traumprinz - Traumprinz 06


Traumprinz 06

New Traumprinz.

12inch Giegling: Traumprinz06 store only

12-10-2016 - wednesday

Olin - Huerco S. Remixes
EP Giegling: g==g===g remind

24-05-2016 - tuesday

11-04-2016 - monday

28-01-2016 - thursday

Leafar Legov - Talk

Leafar Legov


Some memories leave us with silence. How are we supposed to talk about sensations that words can't catch? This record is Rafael's feature film debut. more...

EP Giegling: Glg019 remind

07-12-2015 - monday

24-08-2015 - monday

Edward - Birds



Edward back with a strong release on Giegling... - Repress! comes in innersleeve, without original artwork!

EP Giegling: Glg016 remind

24-04-2015 - friday

Matthias Reiling - Gefallt mir nicht mehr

Matthias Reiling

Gefallt mir nicht mehr

Excellent versatile ep with a nice mix of indietronix and fine quality techno/house (check out Warm Down and OutPace!!!). Another release on the relia... more...

EP Giegling: Glg015 remind

19-09-2014 - friday

Edward - Into a better future


Into a better future

Edwards 2nd album "Into a better Future" accompanies you for hours, makes you forget that daily grind. It is serious encouragement of movement, tellin... more...

2LP Giegling: Glglp005 remind

19-08-2014 - tuesday

Traumprinz - All the Things


All the Things

Infinite waves shaped this rough stone. ** 1 copy per customer **

EP Giegling: Glg014 remind

23-07-2014 - wednesday

Kettenkarussell - Easy Listening


Easy Listening

In times where a rave feels pretty much like a funfair, the chairoplane is still the nicest ride. Thinking of Kettenkarussell some might remember one... more...

2LP Giegling: Glglp004 remind

05-12-2013 - thursday

Traumprinz - Mothercave



... In a soft night of confusion the ape was born into his lion mother's lair. As he grew older, he danced in countless circles around his father's fa... more...

2LP Giegling: Glglp003 remind

20-11-2013 - wednesday

Ateq / Edward - g**g***g

Ateq / Edward


Time to get loose. G*g is a new format for songs that make you giggle.

12inch Giegling: GlgGGG remind

30-07-2013 - tuesday

Ateq - Sig



After one and a half year Ateq is back on Giegling with his second release and some more tropical brainstorming. *** 1 copy per customer ***

12inch Giegling: Glg013 remind

27-05-2013 - monday

Dwig - Forget The Pink Elephant


Forget The Pink Elephant

Giegling homie Dwig presents his debut album and shows again his sampling art in all his facets. A very laid-back one! more...

2LP Giegling: Glglp002 remind

25-03-2013 - monday

Edward - Green Amber


Green Amber

Edward's return to Giegling records! Edwards tracks a covered in a cloud of mystery. Appealing to us from the first listen, unleasing all sorts of as... more...

12inch Giegling: Glg011 remind

Edward - Green Amber


Green Amber

*** 1 copy per customer*** Edward's return to Giegling records! Edwards tracks a covered in a cloud of mystery. Appealing to us from the first listen... more...

12inch Giegling: Glg011r remind

12-03-2013 - tuesday

Various Artists - Sudstadt

Various Artists


The release number 12 on Giegling is a product of four individual tags of memories. Growing up in the same city Hannover the four producers Vril, Prin... more...

12inch Giegling: Glg012 remind

12-12-2012 - wednesday

Vril - 8-10



*** 1 copy per customer *** This is the second last part of the series. There will only be one more next year..! Deep, gritty, foggy techno only Vril... more...

12inch Giegling: Glgst007 remind

05-11-2012 - monday

Prince Of Denmark - To The Fifty Engineers

Prince Of Denmark

To The Fifty Engineers

*** 1 copy per customer *** Giegling is back with a killer deep dusty techno release by the Prince Of Denmark Tracks that slowly rise above the layers... more...

12inch Giegling: Glgst006 remind

26-09-2012 - wednesday

Various Artists - Futur II

Various Artists

Futur II

3-vinyl anniversary compilation with tracks of all the giegling artists plus some new mates they met on their way! Featuring Edward, Ateq, Matthias Re... more...

3x12inch Giegling: Glg010 remind

Matthias Reiling - Remixes By Hauke Freer, Tornado Wallace & Jaq

Matthias Reiling

Remixes By Hauke Freer, Tornado Wallace & Jaq

Second part of the Matthias Reiling remixes. Nice selection of remixers which resulted in a nice 4 track ep with cool jazzy and lush house tracks. Kin... more...

12inch Giegling: Glglp001r2 remind

Die Wiese Im Garten (Dwig) - Feige Dattel

Die Wiese Im Garten (Dwig)

Feige Dattel

Third release by Dwig on Giegling presenting three more subtile yet groovy house trackers, slightly melancholic with forgotten jazzy samples floating... more...

12inch Giegling: Glg009 remind

Zum Goldenen Schwarm  - Die Wolke

Zum Goldenen Schwarm

Die Wolke

*** 1 copy per customer *** Giegling records opens 2012 with a release on their Staub sub label delivering some amazing adavanced techno tracks that a... more...

12inch Giegling: Glgst005 remind

Ateq - Res



New artist on Giegling!! Ateq is the name... and just when we tought we could define the sound of giegling they come up with some excellent new sounds... more...

12inch Giegling: Glg008 remind

Matthias Reiling - Krause Duo & Map.Ache Remixes

Matthias Reiling

Krause Duo & Map.Ache Remixes

Smooth remix package with map.ache from kann records and Krause Duo remixing tracks from Matthias Reilings album

12inch Giegling: Glglp001r1 remind

Vril - 5-7



Vril comes with his second 12 on Giegling Staub delivering some gritty chord driven techno tracks.

12inch Giegling: Glgst004 remind

Matthias Reiling - Doppelganger

Matthias Reiling


This LP is the follow-up to Matthias Reiling's debut album ''Das Gespenst von Altona'' from 2010. He has gone back to the proberaum, played around wit... more...

LP Giegling: Glglp001.2 remind

Prince Of Denmark - Soulfood

Prince Of Denmark


*** 1 copy per customer*** Dusty deep techno tracks with an hand crafted industrial feel to it. Machine techno with human emotion. *** 1 copy per cust... more...

12inch Giegling: Glgst003 store only

Edward - A Piece Of Us


A Piece Of Us

Giegling continues with another deep burner! Edward comes up with some jazz injected deep house tracks, using old jazz samples in a nice and original... more...

12inch Giegling: Glg007 remind

Kettenkarussell - Things Will Never Flange


Things Will Never Flange

Two beautiful deep melodic techno tracks on the lovely Giegling label (plus a fragile downtempo piece as bonus). Always check the label! Limited supli... more...

12inch Giegling: Glg006 remind

Rau - The Blessing


The Blessing

Stripped down basement techno tracks on the Giegling sub label Staub. Two tracks with a touch of that post basic channel sound with a gentle steady gr... more...

12inch Giegling: Glgst002 remind

Kettenkarussell - I Believe You And Me Make Love


I Believe You And Me Make Love

Giegling is a new label from Weimar, a name that always brings a certain historical weight and classic athmosphere being the former intellectual cente... more...

12inch Giegling: Glg001 remind

Vril - 1-4



Advanced forward going sometimes deeper dubby, sometimes more powerfull techno tracks with layers of sounds on the nice Giegling label!

12inch Giegling: Glgst001 remind