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14-09-2018 - friday

Ringolevio - Vandalise The Donut Shops


Vandalise The Donut Shops

Ringolevio shake things up with some bouncy, percussive electro jams alongside some solid advice about youth living in Dublin on the latest for Goldbr... more...

12inch Goldbrick Records: GB003 € 12,99

02-03-2018 - friday

R.kitt - Tingle EP


Tingle EP

R.kitt readies another soulful number for Goldbrick Records packed full of analogue warmth and toe tapping good stuff.

12inch Goldbrick Records: GB002 € 12,99

29-09-2017 - friday

Hekkla - Nachtbraker EP


Nachtbraker EP

The Nachtbraker EP is the product of several post club jam sessions. Or in the words of the artist 'The same places revisited again and again in the m... more...

12inch Goldbrick Records: GB001 remind