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14-06-2021 - monday

Jex Opolis

It's Me, Jexy

Jex Opolis is back with a full length of lush and effervescent goodness! The Canadian musician and producer delivers nine tunes composed after his sud... more...

LP Good Timin: GDTIMIN015 € 17,49

12-04-2021 - monday

Jex Opolis

Net Loss

This new EP has five *fresh* dubs from the hit album "Net Worth," specially mixed without vocals for your homeclub, car, kitchen or quar. Fire up thos... more...

EP Good Timin: GDTIMIN014 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

04-03-2019 - monday

Various Artists

Good Timin' Vol. 1

Variety is the spice of life! From bangers to chillers, these four tracks will take you from bath to bar, club to car!

12inch Good Timin: GDTIMIN012 remind

15-12-2017 - friday

Jex Opolis

Human Emotion

Jexy is getting all up close and personal on his new Hi-Fi house release. Featuring the Canadian and singer pal Isha D on vocals, "Human Emotion" is a... more...

12inch Good Timin: GDTIMIN011 remind

11-09-2017 - monday

Jex Opolis

First Stomp Remixes

Jexy brings you two radically new versions of "First Stomp," the voodoo-chanting-mutant-disco smasher from his new LP "Ravines." Crafted with care by... more...

12inch Good Timin: GDTIMIN010 € 10,99

24-04-2017 - monday

Jex Opolis


Jex Opolis presents ''Ravines,'' a nine-track collection of music for all seasons. The record is a hopeful exploration of melody and atmosphere, and t... more...

LP Good Timin: GDTIMIN009 € 15,99

14-11-2016 - monday

Jex Opolis Presents: In The Nite

Look At My Car!

Jex Opolis Presents: In The Nite--"Look At My Car!," a versatile new EP featuring three cosmic cuts from Jex and Ian D. Knight, a St. Louis-based perf... more...

12inch Good Timin: GDTIMIN008 € 11,99

18-07-2016 - monday

Conga Radio

Right Beside You

Tip!! Conga Radio, the Canadiana club collab of producers Jex Opolis and Roberto, offers two smooth and jazzy house cuts designed for the heart, mind,... more...

12inch Good Timin: GDTIMIN007 € 11,99

23-05-2016 - monday


Junk Rudder

After his turn in Conga Radio, Roberto makes his debut on Good Timin' with four-tracks of classy bangers. Leading the charge is the shuffling "Jun... more...

12inch Good Timin: GDTIMIN006 € 10,99

Conga Radio

Slumber Dance

The fourth release on the Good Timin' label is a four-tracker from Conga Radio—a project helmed by Jex and his pal Roberto. With sun and synth echoing... more...

12inch Good Timin: GDTIMIN004 remind

Jex Opolis


Jex returns with three new cuts! Leading off this double A-side release (the third from the Toronto-based Good Timin' imprint) is the jazzdance of ''... more...

12inch Good Timin: GDTIMIN003 remind

Jex Opolis

Circle Of Drums

More boogie heat by Jex Opolis.

12inch Good Timin: GDTIMIN005 remind