Label: Gost Instrument - All

Rodion Stankevich - ADA

Rodion Stankevich


Third GOST instrument is made by prolific, yet unknown producer Rodion Stankevich. More than 10 years he was developing his production skills with pas... more...

10inch Gost Instrument: GIN003 remind

Ivan Erofeev - Instrument 5

Ivan Erofeev

Instrument 5

The fourth participant in the GOST INSTRUMENT series is Ivan Erofeev hailing from Siberia's Omsk. Ivan was producing and releasing music as Aleph for... more...

10inch Gost Instrument: GIN005 remind

Flaty - instrument 6


instrument 6

From Saint Petersburg via Moscow, Flaty refines his underground dance music influences across three diverse tracks to create a short but effective nar... more...

10inch Gost Instrument: GIN006 € 9,99

Buttechno - Instrument 7


Instrument 7

Russian's electronica wizard strikes on one of the nation's finest imprints!

10inch Gost Instrument: GIN007 € 11,49

Suokas - Reka Vremeni


Reka Vremeni

Different series from the Gost Zvuk camp! Check it out, superb weirdness..

10inch Gost Instrument: GIN002 € 9,99

Kuzma Palkin - Sierpinski Curve

Kuzma Palkin

Sierpinski Curve

Kuzma Palkin for the 4th release of Gost Instrument (lil sis of Gost Zvuk). Comes in 1 blue + 1 red vinyl!

2x10inch Gost Instrument: GIN004 € 19,49

Optical Illusions - What are you thinking about, little duck?
10inch Gost Instrument: GIN001 € 9,99