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25-01-2019 - friday

Riccardo Schiro / GG FX - Sine Phase

Riccardo Schiro / GG FX

Sine Phase

Riccardo Schiro continues his exploration for the dancers and deejays out there with this massive acid-mental track for big rooms. On the flipside ''I... more...

12inch Gravity Graffiti: GRA011 € 12,49

13-12-2018 - thursday

Various Artists - Graffi Gravi

Various Artists

Graffi Gravi

Gravity Graffiti celebrates the tenth output in full effect with this unmissable double EP featuring the weapons of Telephones, Yoshinori Hayashi, DB.... more...

2LP Gravity Graffiti: Gra010 remind

16-11-2018 - friday

Lamusa II - Vago Libero

Lamusa II

Vago Libero

Excellent library LP by Italian talent Lamusa II, a year after his debut EP ''Club Mondo 2000''. 8 avantgarde tracks in early-electronic explorer mode... more...

LP Gravity Graffiti: Gra009 € 19,99

25-05-2018 - friday

Riccardo Schiro - Dunas

Riccardo Schiro


A polyrhythmic adventure through time & space from Gravity Graffiti label boss Riccardo Schiro. more...

Mini-LP Gravity Graffiti: Gra008 € 18,49

15-02-2018 - thursday

Maledetti - Ritmi



Maledetti is a duo project by Lamusa II & Riccardo Schirò. 'Ritmi' is a dialectical trip to the Truth in five rave steps, including a special remix by... more...

12inch Gravity Graffiti: Gra007 remind

12-10-2017 - thursday

Palta & Ti - Ep'en Andre Hjem EP

Palta & Ti

Ep'en Andre Hjem EP

First installment on Gravity Graffiti for the talented brothers Central and DJ Sports as Palta & Ti with a fresh percussive ambient-house EP floating... more...

12inch Gravity Graffiti: Gra006 remind

31-03-2017 - friday

Lamusa II - Club Mondo 2000

Lamusa II

Club Mondo 2000

Italian producer Lamusa II is a master of atmospheric, synthesized concoctions that often sound like they’re being transmitted straight from a time ma... more...

12inch Gravity Graffiti: Gra004 remind

Riccardo Schiro - Mediterranea
12inch Gravity Graffiti: Gra005 remind

17-03-2017 - friday

Yoshinori Hayashi / DB.Source - Square Sun/Anapo

Yoshinori Hayashi / DB.Source

Square Sun/Anapo

Yoshinori Hayashi visits an imaginary place and finds these two masterpieces, a lyrical one and a junglish one. On the other side the mysterious DB.So... more...

12inch Gravity Graffiti: Gra003 remind

01-11-2016 - tuesday

Soichi Terada / Whodamanny - Tell Me What
12inch Gravity Graffiti: Gra002 remind