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30-07-2020 - thursday

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Now with a steady accumulation of exciting names in their back catalogue and hammering along their stride, Cardiff-based event promoters and label Ha?... more...

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07-04-2020 - tuesday

Dawl - Break It Down (Incl. Kosh Remix)


Break It Down (Incl. Kosh Remix)

The next chapter for Ha?s actualises itself in the form of Dawl’s ‘Break It Down’ EP, a warehouse-ready, bouncy and charismatic record channelling ins... more...

12inch Haws: Haws006 remind

09-12-2019 - monday

17-06-2019 - monday

Ari Bald - Pesce

Ari Bald


Quartet of light-footed tracks that tread gracefully through the bottomless sub-genres of electronic music.

12inch Haws: Haws003 € 14,99

22-03-2019 - friday

20-11-2018 - tuesday