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16-07-2020 - thursday

Ike - INDEX:007



Laser guided electro on Index and God69 (Low Budget Aliens on XPQ?) on the remix.

12inch INDEX: Records: INDEX:007(CYC4017) € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

10-04-2020 - friday

Various Artists - NZ ELECTRO 2020
12inch INDEX: Records: INDEX2020 remind

31-05-2019 - friday

Black Snake Whip - Black Snake Whip

Black Snake Whip

Black Snake Whip

Booming and banging, crashing and smashing, wriggling and writhing: the 'Black Snake Whip' cracks and out come the bats. INDEX:005 is a continuum of e... more...

12inch INDEX: Records: INDEX:005 € 15,99

19-10-2018 - friday

Vase - Dorsal EP


Dorsal EP

Berlin's Vase soundtracks a distant and hazy world to submerge yourself in with his Dorsal EP out through INDEX: Records.

12inch INDEX: Records: INDEX:003 € 13,99