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06-02-2019 - wednesday

07-02-2017 - tuesday

Alton Miller - Nu Forms

Alton Miller

Nu Forms

Originally released on TRACK MODE in 2003, ''NU FORMS'' is a musical nod to all things Fania and Afro-Cuban Jazz. Malik Alston shares keyboard duties... more...

12inch Inner Muse: IM26 € 12,99

Alton Miller - In Flight

Alton Miller

In Flight

Originally released on YORE in 2008 after a hiatus in Brussels. Afro, Jazz, Funk and Tech all contribute to this 4-on-the-floor 4-piece. Heavy on the... more...

12inch Inner Muse: IM25 remind

Alton Miller - Exstasoul

Alton Miller


Originally released on PLANET E in 1998, ''EXSTASOUL'' was recorded in Paris and Detroit and fuses Electro-Funk with Deep House grooves and a touch of... more...

12inch Inner Muse: IM24 remind