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03-05-2018 - thursday

E-Unity - CD-ROM-1



French up-and-coming producer, E-Unity, has released a successful first 12“ at the end of 2017, being played by the likes of Pearson Sound, Objekt, Av... more...

12inch Intramuros Records: Intra003 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

19-10-2016 - wednesday

Luxus Varta - Rosenhan Experiment

Luxus Varta

Rosenhan Experiment

Following his stunning ‘Everything Is Nothing’ EP, which kicked off the Hubble Telescope Series for Solar One Music in 2015, Luxus Varta (aka Emeric D... more...

12inch Intramuros Records: Intra002 remind

09-12-2015 - wednesday