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02-02-2017 - thursday

Enmetertre - The Scooter EP


The Scooter EP

The Scooter EP by Enmetertre is the eighth release from Swedish record label Jens Records. This time they serve up four premium grade house tracks cra... more...

12inch Jens Records: Jens008 € 11,99

23-08-2016 - tuesday

Pontus Bjorland - Nature Pt.1

Pontus Bjorland

Nature Pt.1

This time with their new Gothenburg based artist Pontus Björland who has crafted four melancholic acid and techno tracks.

12inch Jens Records: Jens006 € 12,99

02-05-2016 - monday

Birds Ov Paradise - Jens 005

Birds Ov Paradise

Jens 005

The fifth record from Jens Records. This time gothenburg based artist Birds Ov Paradise treats us to four dark, dreamy creations. Rumbling drum tracks... more...

12inch Jens Records: Jens005 remind

10-08-2015 - monday

Enemetertre - Herman The Dog EP


Herman The Dog EP

The fourth instalment from the Jens camp comes in the form of the Herman The Dog EP! The a-side contains two popping tracks full of pumped up house, c... more...

12inch Jens Records: Jens004 remind