Label: KDJ - All

Andres - ...



Never made it to the website but now finally back in. Beautyful deep funk grooves.

12inch KDJ: KDJ029 remind

Moodymann - Small Black Church


Small Black Church

Deep soulfull house on the Mighty KDJ label! Classic..

12inch KDJ: KDJ005 remind

Moodymann - I Can't Kick This Feeling


I Can't Kick This Feeling

Warm but kickin housetrack (probably one of the most uplifting Detroit housetracks aroud) produced by Moodymann.

One sided 12 KDJ: KDJ006 remind

Moodymann - America



Moodymann's typical detroit house grooves.. Classic must have!

12inch KDJ: KDJ015 remind

Alton Miller - Shine on me

Alton Miller

Shine on me

Moody vocal house track by AM, with on the flip a dub and instrumental. Must have.

12inch KDJ: KDJ031 remind

Moodymann - JAN



REPRESS!!.. Just Another Nigga! Stunning track in the rebound.. Classic..

12inch KDJ: KDJ030 remind

Moodymann - Unreleased



Here it is! The missing number 16 in the KDJ catalogue. Superb deep house from the DON...

One sided 12 KDJ: KDJ016 remind

Kenny Dixon Jr. - The thief that stole my sad day / Ya' blessin' me

Kenny Dixon Jr.

The thief that stole my sad day / Ya' blessin' me

Trainspotter alert!! Not the same as KDJ 23/25!! Includes "Don't you want my love" mix 1, and two untitled tracks (one previously released on the flip... more...

12inch KDJ: KDJ023 remind

Moodymann - Shades of Jae


Shades of Jae

Limited repress (one sided!!) One of the coolest KDJ's.

12inch KDJ: KDJ021 remind

Andres - Material world / Reality


Material world / Reality

2 funkin' great house tracks by Andres.. Must have!!!

12inch KDJ: KDJ024 remind

Andres - Double ep


Double ep

Made by the one and only Andres! Fresh Detroit house/funk grooves. Make sure you don't miss this one!

12inch KDJ: KDJ026 remind

Moodymann - Analog - Live


Analog - Live

Moodymann Detroit house weirdness, very much reminding of Fingers inc and the likes, but more raw and dark. Raw and dark can be very very beautiful in... more...

One sided 12 KDJ: KDJ028-c remind

Moodymann - Black Mahogany


Black Mahogany

Limited re-press of a very sought after KDJ. Two mixes of ''Black Mahogany'' on this disc, one with the long intro featuring conversation from the mov... more...

12inch KDJ: KDJ017 remind

Moodymann featuring Roberta Sweed - How Sweed It Is

Moodymann featuring Roberta Sweed

How Sweed It Is

A-side starts out in a classic Moodymann vibe. A male vocal hums along, then a real nice, smooth, organic bass line kicks in with some shimmering tamb... more...

12inch KDJ: KDJ 034 remind

Moody aka Moodymann - I Guess U Never Been Lonely EP
12inch KDJ: KDJ041 remind

Moodymann - ABCD sampler


ABCD sampler

Kenny Dixon Jr. returns to his KDJ label with a brand new mini LP. Limited & hard to get as always... more...

12inch KDJ: KDJ043 remind

Moodymann - I'd Rather Be Lonely


I'd Rather Be Lonely

Kenny D strikes again with another one-sided offering. Lilting piano chords evolve into house beats with a bluesy vocal line. The ''I'd Rather Be Lone... more...

12inch KDJ: KDJ036 remind

Moodymann - Technologystolemyvinyle



Limited one sided release with an amazing cool jazzy track.

12inch KDJ: KDJ035 remind