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30-01-2019 - wednesday

Freda & Jackson - Freda & Jackson EP

Freda & Jackson

Freda & Jackson EP

Ken Oath slip on their moon shoes for a joint venture with Freda & Jackson, pressing up four cuts that will have you slipping the surly bonds of earth... more...

12inch Ken Oath Records: KEN010 € 12,99

11-10-2018 - thursday

Andy Rantzen - Blue Hour Vol II

Andy Rantzen

Blue Hour Vol II

''Since Efficient Space excavated Andy Rantzen’s mind-bending “Will I Dream?”, the rest of the world has become better acquainted with the darker & du... more...

LP Ken Oath Records: KEN009 remind

22-08-2018 - wednesday

Midnight Tenderness - Refresco EP

Midnight Tenderness

Refresco EP

Still steamin’ from his Turner Street Sound collaboration, Midnight Tenderness serves up a dreamy first solo offering with a fire-cracker of a four-tr... more...

12inch Ken Oath Records: KEN007 € 12,99

25-07-2018 - wednesday

Low Flung - Blow Waves

Low Flung

Blow Waves

Following on from Angophora's beautiful long player, Ken Oath is back with another full length LP from Low Flung. Friends of the label will note that... more...

LP Ken Oath Records: KEN008 € 17,49

28-02-2018 - wednesday

Angophora - Scenes



On the first long player release on Ken Oath records, we are proud as punch to step away from the dancefloor entirely and bring you a deep journey int... more...

LP Ken Oath Records: KEN006 € 17,99

09-11-2017 - thursday

Furious Frank - Magic Mountain

Furious Frank

Magic Mountain

On 005 Ken turns away from the light and invites you into the dark with Adelaide’s Furious Frank, who dishes up a selection of psychedelic burners and... more...

12inch Ken Oath Records: KEN005 remind

03-08-2017 - thursday

The Posse - Seasons Greetings

The Posse

Seasons Greetings

These ones keep floors moving! Championing an inimitable groove, The Possé present three club ready tracks on their Season's Greetings EP, combining... more...

12inch Ken Oath Records: KEN004 remind

01-06-2017 - thursday

Low Flung - Coastal Garden

Low Flung

Coastal Garden

For this cheeky 7inch release Ken Oath Records have drafted Moontown Records head honcho and field recording specialist Low Flung in for two tracks bu... more...

7inch Ken Oath Records: KEN003 remind

08-03-2017 - wednesday

Caravan - Coarsica EP


Coarsica EP

Caravan’s Coarsica EP is a gorgeous six-tracker of wandering drum machines and shiny synths, washed with the burnt umbers and viridescent hues of the... more...

12inch Ken Oath Records: KEN002 remind

26-01-2017 - thursday

Various Artists  - KEN001

Various Artists


Ken Oath hits the ground running with four slices of sun soaked house music from DJ Riggles, Underground City Loops, Donald's House and Low Flung. Shu... more...

12inch Ken Oath Records: KEN001 remind