Label: Kenaob - All

13-03-2019 - wednesday

Various Artists


***Warehouse find*** An obscure six track compilation of minimal atmospheric techno and electro tracks. Starting out with a deep melodic techno track... more...

12inch Kenaob: Kenaob002 € 17,99


Generic ep

New electro and minimal label from Detroit. 7 track ep. The first track comes from Duplum Beis/Colin Zyskowski (Below the Surface/Submerge) an ode to... more...

12inch Kenaob: Kenaob 001 remind


Habalah Babalah Bah, Chimichanga: Tequila Daze Revisited

Welcome to the parallel world of noise of the Detroit-based Kenaob. Dirty Bunker-style smack-electro by Manasyt, Touch-Tone, C:C/P, Charles R. Pearson... more...

12inch Kenaob: Kenaob003 remind