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01-10-2019 - tuesday

Dame Area - Yo Quiero, Yo Puedo
LP Kess Kills: KESS011 remind

16-05-2019 - thursday

Majestoluxe - Septic Shock


Septic Shock

Active in the late 1980’s Swedish EBM-scene in bands like Sound Manufacturers, clubs like Piz Off and labels like Osmium, Stockholm based producer C... more...

LP Kess Kills: KESS010LP € 20,99

12-10-2018 - friday

Violet Poison / Bakunin Commando - KESS08

Violet Poison / Bakunin Commando


Sweden’s Kess Kill and Italy’s Veleno Viola join forces resulting in a (nowadays) rare vinyl split release, ie one side per label. Violet Poison need... more...

12inch Kess Kills: KESS008 remind

15-03-2018 - thursday

Celldöd - KESS07



EBM filled fatness by swedish lord Celldöd. strong release!

12inch Kess Kills: KESS007 € 11,99

30-01-2017 - monday

Genevieve Pasquier - Reflection

Genevieve Pasquier


There's been little more than half a year since Kess Kill launched, but there's no doubt the label ethos has come across with its glowing yellow and s... more...

12inch Kess Kills: KESS004 remind

03-10-2016 - monday

Celldod - Kess 03


Kess 03

Heavy EBM stompers by Celldöd, aka Anders Karlsson, has been releasing dirty electronic music since the late '80s, both small-run cassette tapes inspi... more...

12inch Kess Kills: KESS003 remind

01-09-2016 - thursday

Xao Seffcheque - Kess 02

Xao Seffcheque

Kess 02

On KESS02 we go straight to the core of the Kess Kill sound and aesthetic with this contemporary of Liaisons Dangereuses and D.A.F. Xao produced some... more...

12inch Kess Kills: KESS002 € 11,99

30-03-2016 - wednesday

Cute Heels - Kess Kill

Cute Heels

Kess Kill

First release on new Malmö based vinyl label Kess Kill, run by Rivet. Kess Kill was started with the will to continue the legacy 1979-1983by bands li... more...

12inch Kess Kills: KESS001 remind

Piska Power - Irma Infekt

Piska Power

Irma Infekt

Cassette Tape Kess Kills: KECS003 remind