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04-10-2023 - wednesday


Honolulu / Saigon

Laurene Exposito releases her 3rd album on Knekelhuis. Honolulu / Saigon is a collage of unreleased material, and previously on cassette released work... more...

LP Knekelhuis: KH047 € 25,99

17-08-2023 - thursday



The Naarm/Melbourne based producer will unveil meticulously crafted tracks that breathe life, deliver crispness, evoke emotions, and pulsate with ener... more...

LP Knekelhuis: KH045 € 17,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

15-12-2022 - thursday

Various Artists

It Wasnt Really Me

Following up 2021’s compilation 'and felt like...', ' wasn't really me' can be seen as the missing part of a diptych, only separated by the pass... more...

12inch Knekelhuis: KH044 remind

29-07-2022 - friday

Geier Aus Stahl

Strapazen Und Genesung

Geier aus Stahl is one of the many artistic guises of Leonard Prochazka. No superfluous elements take away from the core experience of his sound. Some... more...

LP Knekelhuis: KH043 € 23,99

22-06-2022 - wednesday


Love and Language

Stacks is the Belgian duo of Jan and Sis Matthé. These Antwerp residents build and undress different timbres and textures into vocal-hooked songs, flo... more...

LP Knekelhuis: KH041 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

14-04-2022 - thursday

Jimmy Smack

Death Is Certain

Across two 7”s, Death Or Glory (1982) and Death Rocks (1983) and one 12”, Anguish (1982) Jimmy Smack carved his own bleak chasm amidst the LA Death Ro... more...

LP Knekelhuis: KH040 € 24,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

22-12-2021 - wednesday

Michel Banabila

Echo Transformations

Michel Banabila is an indispensable part of the Dutch experimental music scene, where he has acquired a special place with many, in the 40 years that... more...

LP Knekelhuis: KH042 € 20,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

22-11-2021 - monday


Oak Corridor

Oak Corridor is the second full-length album from Newcastle, Australian duo Troth (Amelia Besseny & Cooper Bowman). It follows 2020’s warmly received... more...

LP Knekelhuis: KH039 € 22,99

14-07-2021 - wednesday

Various Artists

And Felt Like...

An introspective document of contemporary music, in spirit of Eno and Hassell. A space where we embrace our differences and speak the language of coll... more...

LP Knekelhuis: KH037 € 23,99



Summer has arrived and with it our first club release in ages, a high energy burner by K?ITO from Tokyo, Japan. We are more than excited to welcome th... more...

Mini-LP Knekelhuis: KH038 remind

19-05-2021 - wednesday

Electric Party


Amsterdam, 1982. Smoke fills the streets, squatters clash violently with the police, uprising is in the air. In this disorderly mess, the worlds of ac... more...

LP Knekelhuis: KH036 remind

22-04-2021 - thursday



SSIEGE have struck our non-linear world again with Meteora, the follow-up to the breathtaking 2019 cassette release Fading Summer, on Youth. Its elusi... more...

LP Knekelhuis: KH035 € 13,99

04-02-2021 - thursday



Reymour packed their bags in the pre-Alps of Switzerland and left to start a new life in Bruxelles. This debut album finds originates in this transiti... more...

LP Knekelhuis: KH034 remind

25-11-2020 - wednesday

Spill Gold

Highway Hypnosis

Amsterdam based Spill Gold ( who previously released on Portland's Beacon Sound) with a jaunty 7 track mini album for Knekelhuis. sleeve art from Jaco... more...

LP Knekelhuis: KH033 € 24,99

22-10-2020 - thursday


A L Ombre Des Roches

An extraordinary twilight world opens while listening to Organizatisya. Adventurous yet humble, they push the limits towards the unknown. One thing’s... more...

LP Knekelhuis: KH032 € 24,49

10-09-2020 - thursday

Further Reductions


Old friends Katie Rose and Shawn O’Sullivan, aka Further Reductions, collaborate again with the label. This time the Brooklyn NY two-piece brings a mo... more...

12inch Knekelhuis: KH031 € 14,49

18-07-2020 - saturday

De Ambassade


On this third, consecutive 7'' for Knekelhuis they showcase a slightly darker side, undoubtedly influenced by these current viral times. Still, shadow... more...

7inch Knekelhuis: KH030 € 12,99

12-06-2020 - friday

Zaliva D


Beijing-based duo Zaliva-D returns with a second installment on Knekelhuis. After last year’s great EP, released on Shanghai label SVBKVLT, Zaliva-D u... more...

12inch Knekelhuis: KH029 remind

15-05-2020 - friday

Patricia Kokett


On this long-awaited debut album Patricia Kokett continues his transcendent explorations. Built around a trip to the annual Nine Emperor Gods festival... more...

LP Knekelhuis: KH028 remind

14-02-2020 - friday

Various Artists

Transition Volume 1

Sometimes, looking back to the tracks that have been most inspirational yields very interesting results. In the last couple of years these four tracks... more...

12inch Knekelhuis: KH027 remind

15-11-2019 - friday



EYE is back. Metamujer marks the third installment on the Knekelhuis label and we’re extremely happy to release this document of another chapter in La... more...

LP Knekelhuis: KH026 € 23,99

12-09-2019 - thursday

De Ambassade

Duistre Kamers

Something was brooding in the furthest outskirts of Amsterdam. The isolated concrete suburbs of the western part of the city constituted the ideal dwe... more...

LP Knekelhuis: KH025 € 23,99

21-06-2019 - friday

Cold Front

Beyond The Beat

Founded in 1990 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Cold Front were what you'd call early adaptors, their music at the time of its inception an oddity. This fo... more...

12inch Knekelhuis: KH024/DZN01 € 14,49

13-06-2019 - thursday


Des Litres De Essence

Hailing from different places in western Europe, Luc Bersier, Low Bat, Leonard Prochazka and Ariel Garcia created this vibrant EP. Their synergy tells... more...

Mini-LP Knekelhuis: KH023 remind

09-05-2019 - thursday

Dark Star

Cryonics: 1989 - 1992

Deep-frozen for many decades, something is on the verge of being released from obscurity. Dark Star is the project of Wolfgang Reffert (Ger). In the l... more...

2LP Knekelhuis: KH022 remind