Label: Knowone - All

08-02-2017 - wednesday

Unknown - Knowone 018
12inch Knowone: Ko018 € 10,99

08-06-2016 - wednesday

Knowone - Knowone 017
12inch Knowone: KO017 € 11,99

12-02-2016 - friday

Knowone - Knowone Timber Box


Knowone Timber Box

Box set with 5x 12'' plus 2cd with foggy dub techno tracks that come in a nice wooden box. more...

5x12'' box w/ CD Knowone: KOTB001 € 99,00

12-10-2015 - monday

Unknown - Knowone LP 03


Knowone LP 03

4 tracks of deep dubby techno tracks on 180g white marbled vinyl

2LP Knowone: KOLP003 € 26,99

16-12-2014 - tuesday

Unknown - Knowone 016
12inch Knowone: KO016 remind

18-07-2014 - friday

20-01-2014 - monday

Knowone - Knowone 014
12inch Knowone: KO014 remind

26-08-2013 - monday

Knowone  - Knowone 013


Knowone 013

Deep dubby Basic Channel influenced tracks with more than 20 minutes of playtime. 300 copies, smoky marbled white vinyl, hand stamped, hand numbered &... more...

12inch Knowone: KO013 remind

06-03-2013 - wednesday

Unknown - Knowone Black Box


Knowone Black Box

Stylisch re-collection of Knowone's first ten releases, supplemented with the latest numbers eleven and twelve, exclusive to this black box! Limited,... more...

12x12inch Box Set Knowone: KOBB remind

28-08-2012 - tuesday

Unknown - Knowone 10


Knowone 10

The final part in the series? Part 10 with cool dubby techno tracks. Wont be in stock for too long!

12inch Knowone: KO010 remind

03-04-2012 - tuesday

Unknown - Knowone 09


Knowone 09

Deep dubby techno tracks on the ongoing Knowone series. you know the drill... order quick!

12inch Knowone: KO009 remind

23-01-2012 - monday

Unknown - Knowone LP 02


Knowone LP 02

The second Knowone album - again strictly limited copies ... 3x12Inch with a slightly change of sound that moves away from the smokey dubby tracks to... more...

3x12inch Knowone: KOLP002 remind

19-10-2011 - wednesday

Unknown - Knowone 08


Knowone 08

The No8 in the Knowone series... more smoking hot dub techno tracks from this unknown source. Lmd as always. Comes on White Marmbled vinyl.

12inch Knowone: KO008 remind

23-08-2011 - tuesday

Unknown - Knowone 07


Knowone 07

The series continues with more foggy swampy dub techno tracks by unknown artist. Expected to sell out in no-time!

12inch Knowone: KO007 remind

27-04-2011 - wednesday

Unknown - Knowone 06


Knowone 06

Deep dubby and gritty techno tracks on the ongoing Knowone series! two excellent tracks that build on the heritage of Basic Channel and the likes.

12inch Knowone: KO006 remind

Unknown - Knowone LP 01


Knowone LP 01

Beautiful advanced techno tracks with early Detroit and dubstep influenced rhythms and layers of dusty foggy synths and moaning spaced out vocals. Not... more...

3x12inch Knowone: KOLP001 remind

Unknown - Knowone 05
12inch Knowone: KO005 remind

Unknown - Knowone 04


Knowone 04

Number 4 in this limited series of functional Basic Channel influenced techno releases from unknown source! Limited as usual!

12inch Knowone: KO004 remind

Unknown - Knowone 03


Knowone 03

Part three in this limited series of dusty, grittu techno tracks on marbled vinyl. No repressings... expected to be sold out very quick again!

12inch Knowone: KO003 remind

Unknown - Knowone 02


Knowone 02

Deep dubby Basic Channel influenced tracks by a the next known artist who remains unknown - the music speaks for itself. RARE! Vinyl only – no repress... more...

12inch Knowone: KO002 remind

Unknown - Knowone 01


Knowone 01

Limited vinyl only release, 250 copies, no repress, no digital release. Smoky marbled white vinyl, hand stamped, hand numbered & shrink-wrapped. Deep... more...

12inch Knowone: KO001 remind