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05-02-2015 - thursday

Bleaching Agent - Babolat EP

Bleaching Agent

Babolat EP

Having recently sent his Blacknecks collaboration into early retirement, Bleaching Agent is now focusing his considerable talents on this solo project... more...

12inch Komisch: Komisch020 € 9,99

17-07-2014 - thursday

30-10-2013 - wednesday

SP-X - Circuit Breaker Ep


Circuit Breaker Ep

P-X returns to Komisch for a fourth EP of uncompromising warehouse techno. Pushing his machines to the limit, he delivers two no nonsense, analogue tr... more...

12inch Komisch: Komisch017 € 4,99

16-09-2013 - monday

Bleaching Agent - Contour Grip
12inch Komisch: Komisch014 € 8,99

P.God - Ecliptic plane


Ecliptic plane

Some dark techno on Komisch! Lead track 'Winter Solstice' achieves the rare feat of blending atmospherics with functionality, as a dark, prowling groo... more...

12inch Komisch: Komisch016 € 4,99

07-12-2012 - friday

Sev Dah - Rudis Sentetia ep

Sev Dah

Rudis Sentetia ep

Sev Dah makes his debut on Komisch with three unique club tracks. The mysterious producer has been making waves with releases on Naked Index and Gynoi... more...

12inch Komisch: Komisch013 remind

07-09-2012 - friday

Samuli Kemppi - Quadrant EP

Samuli Kemppi

Quadrant EP

Finnish techno producer Samuli Kemppi returns to Komisch for his third release.

12inch Komisch: Komisch12 remind

SP-X - Stalker ep


Stalker ep

Following his release on Peter Van Hoesen’s Time To Express late last year, SP-X drops his third EP for Komisch. Fans of ‘Signal Path Experiments’ a... more...

12inch Komisch: Komisch11 remind

P.God - Neptune IV ep


Neptune IV ep

Lead track “Approaching an Ocean Planet” sees grainy, dense beats and hypntoic bleeps take the lead, but hovering above the arrangement, tethered to t... more...

12inch Komisch: Komisch10 remind

Tricaustic - Caustiphobic Pressure EP


Caustiphobic Pressure EP

Komisch welcomes a new act for its ninth release. Tricaustic is a collaboration between longstanding Dublin techno DJs Sunil Sharpe and Jon Hussey, an... more...

12inch Komisch: Komisch09 remind

Sp-X - Field Lines Never End EP


Field Lines Never End EP

Following the success of his debut EP, Komisch is delighted to put out the next instalment from SP-X with some basic striped techno tools.

12inch Komisch: Komisch06 remind

The Parallel  - Cosmic Observer Ep

The Parallel

Cosmic Observer Ep

Glorious deep techno tracks that mark the start of an interplanetary trilogy for the label. Deep pads and ghostly sounds hover above a warm, splurging... more...

12inch Komisch: Komisch08 remind

Peter Van Hoesen - North 6th

Peter Van Hoesen

North 6th

North 6th sees Van Hoesen opt for a somewhat different tact: eerie sound effects introduce a more laid-back, shuffling groove that crackles with intri... more...

12inch Komisch: Komisch07 remind

Sp-X - Signal Path Experiments EP


Signal Path Experiments EP

Darker industrial techno tracks Berlin style by SP-x. Somehow reminds a bit of Planetary Assault System.

12inch Komisch: Komisch05 remind

Samuli Kemppi - Kosmos EP (p van Hoesen rmx)

Samuli Kemppi

Kosmos EP (p van Hoesen rmx)

Kosmos is Samuli s biggest track to date, with blasts of dry ice percussion and thumping, heavy beats underpinning a solemn voice intoning the track’s... more...

12inch Komisch: Komisch04 remind

The Parallel - The Parallel ep

The Parallel

The Parallel ep

The third Komisch release is by The Parallel, making his vinyl debut. ''Abyss gives us spacey textures melting into billowing chord sequences, underpi... more...

12inch Komisch: Komisch03 remind
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Samuli Kemppi - Deep Space Helsinki EP (M.Dehnert rmx)

Samuli Kemppi

Deep Space Helsinki EP (M.Dehnert rmx)

With releases on labels like Ostgut, Time 2 Express and Prologue, Samuli Kemppi is one of the leading lights in the new wave of European techno. Samul... more...

12inch Komisch: Komisch02 remind

Peter Van Hoesen - Continued Smoke / Face Of Scare

Peter Van Hoesen

Continued Smoke / Face Of Scare

Komisch is a new underground label covering the broad areas of techno and house music, run by the elusive DJ Komisch. Primarily aimed at the dance flo... more...

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