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14-05-2020 - thursday

Various Artists - Konstrukt 012

Various Artists

Konstrukt 012

Tobias., Neel and Sebastian Muellaert as Wa Wu We collaborate with the Konstrukt label for their 12th release. Each producer with a unique and refresh... more...

12inch Konstrukt: KON012 remind

29-08-2019 - thursday

Tin Man - Konstrukt 011

Tin Man

Konstrukt 011

The legendary Tin Man takes us down, going deeper into the acid rabbit hole with his latest EP on Konstrukt. The 11th release of this Dutch label show... more...

12inch Konstrukt: KON011 remind
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29-03-2017 - wednesday

Svreca & / Nuel - Konstrukt 005

Svreca & / Nuel

Konstrukt 005

The gravitational pull of the moon lets the water flow gracefully. Way off past awareness, in and out of reach like a half remembered dream.

12inch Konstrukt: KON005 € 6,99

29-06-2016 - wednesday

Artefakt / Evigt Morker - Konstrukt 003

Artefakt / Evigt Morker

Konstrukt 003

All sounds running together, combined, fused or following. Sounds of the city and sounds out of the city, sounds of the day and night.. Thousands of... more...

12inch Konstrukt: KON003 remind

03-02-2016 - wednesday

Robert S - Moderna EP

Robert S

Moderna EP

Rough German techno by Robert S. Comes with a rekord 61 remix.

12inch Konstrukt: KONSTRUKT014 remind
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10-12-2015 - thursday