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19-12-2018 - wednesday

Delroy Edwards & Dean Blunt - Desert Sessions

Delroy Edwards & Dean Blunt

Desert Sessions

Hazy, psychedelic, left-field club music by L.I.E.S affiliate Delroy Edwards and avant-pop provocateur Dean Blunt more...

LP L.A. Club Resource: LACR024 € 22,99

11-05-2018 - friday

12-12-2016 - monday

28-10-2015 - wednesday

Various Artists - LACR013
12inch L.A. Club Resource: LACR013 remind

30-07-2015 - thursday

Lil Noid - Paranoid Funk

Lil Noid

Paranoid Funk

The veteran Memphis rapper discovered by Juicy J with a first vinyl issue of his classic album, ''Paranoid Funk.'' Produced by Blackout. 1995.

LP L.A. Club Resource: LACR017 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

03-06-2015 - wednesday

Steve Pointdexter - Street Fighter

Steve Pointdexter

Street Fighter

Lost Ep featuring Steve Poindexter, Johnny Key and Trackmaster Scott. On wax for the first time and bought to you by L.A.C.R. Recorded in Chicago duri... more...

12inch L.A. Club Resource: LACR016 € 13,99

12-02-2015 - thursday

Delroy Edwards - Kickin' Butts!! ep
12inch L.A. Club Resource: LACR015 remind

15-01-2015 - thursday

Delroy Edwards - Slowed Down Funk Vol. 3

Delroy Edwards

Slowed Down Funk Vol. 3

The third volume of Slowed Down Funk, soul and hip-hop cassette by L.I.E.S. / L.A. Club Resource man Delroy Edwards.

Cassette Tape L.A. Club Resource: LACR011 remind

10-12-2014 - wednesday

Gene Hunt - Freddy s Dead

Gene Hunt

Freddy s Dead

Another one from the Chicago legend. On the A-side th ere-issue of 'Freddy's Dead', on the flip an unreleased one from '88-'92.

12inch L.A. Club Resource: LACR012 remind

01-10-2014 - wednesday

29-07-2014 - tuesday

25-06-2014 - wednesday

Delivery - Drama



Banging around to devastating effect - L.A. Club Resource are ready to drop this heavy debut release by Los Angeles based producer DELIVERY aka Greg S... more...

12inch L.A. Club Resource: LACR004 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

28-05-2014 - wednesday

Gene Hunt - Jackzone

Gene Hunt


Chicago's Gene Hunt on Delroy Edwards imprint.

12inch L.A. Club Resource: LACR005 remind

09-04-2014 - wednesday

Dj Punisher - Untitled

Dj Punisher


Extra-raw DJ tool EP from Delroy Edwards. Manufactured in East Los Angeles, CA. The pretty eared among you better watch out.

12inch L.A. Club Resource: LACR003 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

15-11-2013 - friday

Dj Harlow - Waxworks

Dj Harlow


DJ Harlow debuts on Delroy Edward's L.A. Club Resource. Raw and faster paced drum machine rhythms in basic functional club compositions...

12inch L.A. Club Resource: LACR002 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

02-10-2013 - wednesday

Delroy Edwards - Untitled ep

Delroy Edwards

Untitled ep

Dark & ruff beat tracks by Delroy edwards on his own label. This is the debut release of his new label L.A. Club resource. No frills..straight from L.... more...

12inch L.A. Club Resource: LACR001 remind

Innsyter - Poison Life
LP L.A. Club Resource: LACR019 remind