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Adam X - ACID ARCHIVES 92-94

Adam X


Trends come and go as we have seen, unlike many, Brooklyn-born Adam X isn't one to follow trends, but rather set them. Now entering his 30th year of D... more...

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JT Whitfield - Untitled

JT Whitfield


Straight from the depths of the burgeoning Austin, Texas weirdo scene, JT Whitfield delivers a six track mini-lp for L.I.E.S. after an impressive run... more...

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Chupacabras - Untitled



London via NYC Chupacabras has been making a name for himself through the years as a pillar of the underground. The story starts in Barcelona during t... more...

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Marcos Cabral - Spell Breaker

Marcos Cabral

Spell Breaker

Marcos Cabral returns to L.I.E.S. with a new six track mini lp after a run of cult releases for The Trilogy Tapes as Chemotex. Here we get Cabral in t... more...

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Teste - Graphic Depictions


Graphic Depictions

The cult techno outfit ''Teste'' digs up and re-transmits sonic archives forming a new 2xlp for L.I.E.S. Full story below.....Artwork licensed from le... more...

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Unknown Artist - Lies Xmas 02
12inch LIES: LiesXMAS02 store only

WV - L.I.E.S. XMAS 3
12inch LIES: LiesXMAS03 store only

Malvoeaux - Targets Ep


Targets Ep

L.I.E.S. imprint outof New York City with Malvoeaux's debut (Aka Steve Summers) clocks in with three tracks that harken the times when Roule records o... more...

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Two Dogs in a House - Dog House ep

Two Dogs in a House

Dog House ep

4 track ep inspired by the great releases of Larry Heard, Joey Lewis, Master C&J and the likes. Produced by Jason Letkiewicz and Ron Morelli of the L.... more...

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Steve Moore - Zero Point Field Ep

Steve Moore

Zero Point Field Ep

L.I.E.S. is back with another offering from the underground, this time by Steve Moore. The man involved in projects such as Zombi, Gianni Rossi, and L... more...

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Willie Burns - S/T

Willie Burns


Sometimes things just fall into your lap as is the case with this L.I.E.S. release by savant basement producer, Willie Burns. Growing up on the infamo... more...

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Legowelt - Sark Island Acid EP


Sark Island Acid EP

Always telling stories with his songs the prolific Danny Wolfers' latest offering the ''Sark Island Acid'' EP once again brings the listener into his... more...

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Terekke - Damn / Pf Pf Pass


Damn / Pf Pf Pass

Two dusty d.i.y. straight to tape house jams from Brooklyn's lowlands, by basement producer Terekke. Music for those unending summer days spent in a s... more...

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Steve Summers - Mode For Love Ep.

Steve Summers

Mode For Love Ep.

Jason Letkiewicz aka Steve Summers latest EP moves forward from his previous efforts touching upon the seedier and more jacking side of House music on... more...

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Marcos Cabral - L.I.E.S. 006.5

Marcos Cabral

L.I.E.S. 006.5

One half of NYC's Runaway production outfit, this release sees producer Marcos Cabral taking an unexpectedly nice departure from his previous works wi... more...

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Maximillion Dunbar - Everyday EP

Maximillion Dunbar

Everyday EP

Max D. from Futures Times dropping a crazy limited three tracker for the L.I.E.S. label ! Check Cassette Arabic! The A-side picks up right where his l... more...

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Xosar - Tropical Cruize ep


Tropical Cruize ep

Debut record by the cloaked, shadow-lurking underground figure Xosar, pushes forth into the realm of cosmic mysticism with a new style of occult-tinge... more...

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Vapauteen - Untitled



Three tracks of paranoid Industrial techno coming straight from the guts of New York City! All songs therein have been recorded live in one take, with... more...

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Svengalisghost - Mind Control ep


Mind Control ep

Another new artist making their vinyl debut on L.I.E.S, who sure know how to pick them !, we present three undeniably original compositions from some... more...

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Jahiliyya Fields - Unicursal Hexagram

Jahiliyya Fields

Unicursal Hexagram

Very strong double LP of beautifully executed synth explorations.. Moving further into territories of experimental electronics comes debut album from... more...

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Simoncino  - Dreams Ep


Dreams Ep

Italian producer Nick Anthony Simoncino continues his production run with a new four track EP! Staying on course producing classic house music, Simon... more...

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Bookworms - Love Triangles


Love Triangles

Very much unclassifiable house not/ techno/ not disco debut coming from recent NYC transplant, Bookworms. Blown out sample chops, synched up drum mach... more...

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Unknown Artist - Unknown

Unknown Artist


2 Sick house jams from a mystery 'super group' of brooklyn based producers.

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Torn Hawk - Unknown

Torn Hawk


Shimmering VHS haze from NYC's Torn Hawk .. we can't work out if it's samples or live or what.... we love it! The label say: Torn Hawk is a the name t... more...

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Bad News - Bad News

Bad News

Bad News

Doug Lee and L.I.E.S. label boss Ron Morelli joining forces on this new project. Retro old school chicago tracks from the Cajual/Relief school with he... more...

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22-08-2012 - wednesday

Trackman Lafonte & Bon Qui Qui - Pacific House ep

Trackman Lafonte & Bon Qui Qui

Pacific House ep

Legowelt & Xosar delivering raw analogue house music once again... When computer programmer and music enthusiast Lowrell ''Trackman'' LaFonte was relo... more...

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29-08-2012 - wednesday

Mutant Beat Dance - Urban Dust

Mutant Beat Dance

Urban Dust

Mutant Beat Dance (Chicago's Traxx and Beau Wanzer) cooked up something nasty again. If you know these guys then you know they are out to push music i... more...

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13-09-2012 - thursday

Delroy Edwards - 4 Club Use Only ep

Delroy Edwards

4 Club Use Only ep

L.I.E.S did it again!! Check! Just when we had our doubts about the West Coast, Los Angeles via NYC producer Delroy Edwards steps up with his debut re... more...

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16-10-2012 - tuesday

Two Dogs In A House - Eliminator ep

Two Dogs In A House

Eliminator ep

Returning after some time off, Two Dogs in a House took to a secluded studio in Stockholm Sweden during spring 2012 to record while on the road. Here... more...

12inch LIES: Lies016 € 11,99
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17-10-2012 - wednesday

Various Artists - American Noise sampler

Various Artists

American Noise sampler

Super-limited exclusive three track vinyl sampler ep from the upcoming L.I.E.S. 'American Noise' 2xcd compilation. This sampler expands upon three com... more...

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25-10-2012 - thursday

Professor Genius - Hassan

Professor Genius


Composing an entire electronic album around the notorious 15th Century Cult Of Assassins, New Jersey based producer Jorge Velez (Italians Do It Better... more...

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Steve Moore - Panther Moderns ep

Steve Moore

Panther Moderns ep

Massive new ep from Steve Moore which hits hard straight from the get go, as the title track Panther Moderns sees Moore moving into bleaker, mid-tempo... more...

12inch LIES: Lies010 remind
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14-12-2012 - friday

V/A - American Noise


American Noise

After a slow start in 2010 and early 2011, the New York-based L.I.E.S. has been on a roll for the last year or so. In addition to established producer... more...

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26-01-2013 - saturday

Delroy Edwards - Heart And Soul / Sprk Tha Dust
12inch LIES: LiesXMAS01 store only

01-03-2013 - friday

CF & Daywalker - CF & Daywalker

CF & Daywalker

CF & Daywalker

White label 'blink and you miss it' business from LIES... Willie Burns and Entro Senestre in this out there duo guise, previously unveiled on Gerd Jan... more...

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20-03-2013 - wednesday

Florian Kupfer - Florian Kupfer

Florian Kupfer

Florian Kupfer

REPRESS VERSION! Very emotional and human feeling, these lovingly saturated tracks move through the worlds of techno and house in subtle, unassuming f... more...

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28-03-2013 - thursday

Vereker - EP 1


EP 1

Tearing New L.I.E.S. Full info soon.

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10-04-2013 - wednesday

Vereker - EP 2


EP 2

Second ep from Vereker picks up right where the last one left off starting with the track Fear Eats the Soul which somehow reminds us of Nitzer Ebb me... more...

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17-04-2013 - wednesday

Steve Summers - Outermaze ep

Steve Summers

Outermaze ep

Man of many identities, Steve Summers comes back out of the gate with his strongest and most dynamically engaging material. Twisting the formulaic pat... more...

12inch LIES: Lies023 remind
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29-04-2013 - monday

Svengalisghost - Vicious Circle ep


Vicious Circle ep

Marquis Cooper aka Svengalisghost, returns with all new material. An advocate in creating what he calls the ''Anti-Beat'', Cooper takes what he's lear... more...

12inch LIES: Lies022 remind
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22-05-2013 - wednesday

Max Dunbar - Dolo Percussion

Max Dunbar

Dolo Percussion

One per person pls! Wild and sick beat tracks from the one and only Max Dunbar... crazy crazy drum works!

12inch LIES: Lies015.5 remind

03-06-2013 - monday




Highly anticipated new three track ep from mythical BK producer Terekke. This Man Likes To Blaze... Narrative, breathing, basement house with subtle m... more...

12inch LIES: Lies021 remind
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12-06-2013 - wednesday

03-07-2013 - wednesday

Marcos Cabral - False Memories

Marcos Cabral

False Memories

A huge departure from his known works, Marcos Cabral appears on L.I.E.S. with his most dynamic and experimental work to date, the False Memories 2xlp.... more...

2LP LIES: Lies025 € 11,99

16-07-2013 - tuesday

Gunnar Haslam - Mimesiak

Gunnar Haslam


Debut recording from New York City resident Gunnar Haslam. Right out of the gate we get a complete full length album which again, as with many L.I.E.S... more...

2LP LIES: Lies026 remind
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25-07-2013 - thursday

L.I.E.S. - L.I.E.S. LOGO TEE Large



Logo Tee new style! Comes with its strong logo depicted in gold on the front! Next level apparel shirts.

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07-08-2013 - wednesday

Greg Beato - PMA

Greg Beato


Been a long time since we've heard anything out of Miami like this! Producer Greg Beato follows up his blazing ep for Funkineven's Apron Records with... more...

12inch LIES: Lies028 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

16-08-2013 - friday

28-08-2013 - wednesday