Label: Large - All

09-09-2020 - wednesday

Roy Davis Jr & Peven Everett


LIMITED EDITION WHITE VINYL REPRESS A defining moment in dance music history was the day that Roy Davis Jr. teamed with vocalist and writer Peven... more...

12inch Large: LARV019WHITE remind

24-07-2020 - friday

12inch Large: LARWW03 remind

16-09-2016 - friday

Various Artists

Wax Weapons 2

Large Records dropping some smooth grooving house tunes on Wax Weapons 2 by Chris Stussy, Jakobin & Domino and Jordan O'Regan

12inch Large: LarWW002 remind

21-06-2016 - tuesday

Black Ice Production

Black Ice Ep Vol.1

Another fine reissue of a Chicago classic from Jeff Craven and his Large Music imprint focusing again on the dynamic artistic team of Black Ice Produc... more...

12inch Large: LargeVC001 remind

09-03-2016 - wednesday

Various Artists

Wax Weapons 1

Large Music begins another chapter in it's celebrated history with the flagship release of a new vinyl series entitled Wax Weapons. We have seen many... more...

12inch Large: LarWW001 remind

08-12-2015 - tuesday

Kerri Chandler

Raw Grooves Vol.3

Released in 1997, this Stunning EP from Kerri Chandler is considered by many to be the best of his Raw Grooves series and maybe even his best work of... more...

12inch Large: LarV023 remind

Dj Rasoul

Soul Searching Vol.3

String 90's release by Dj Rasoul who released several great records on Leaf and Large. This is one of those that needed a re-issue. The main vocal on... more...

12inch Large: LargeV042 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

06-10-2015 - tuesday

Black Ice Productions

Union Camp - Playtime Kids EP

Killer! Black Ice with a re-issue of a sought after early Chicago House releases- the Union Camp EP. Originally released in 1993 on the historic Nigh... more...

12inch Large: LARvc013 remind

Kerri Chandler

Raw Grooves Vol.1

The brilliant initial outing from Kerri Chandler on Large Music gets a re-issue and sounds just as fresh and influential as it did in 1995. Darker an... more...

12inch Large: LarV016 remind

Black Ice Productions

Many Facets

Another classic, out of print Large release sees an exclusive repress in 2015. Originally released in 1994, this is the 8th vinyl outing from the ear... more...

12inch Large: Larv008 remind

Black Ice Productions

Dance Traxx EP (featuring Nature Love)

Out-of-print since 1994, this early release from the Large music camp (on sub label Swing Street) has reached cult classic status and forced many a co... more...

12inch Large: SS8002 remind

Kerri Chandler

Return 2 Acid

Iconic Deep House label Large Music returns to the vinyl market with a limited repress of the classic Kerri Chandler release Return 2 Acid. First pre... more...

12inch Large: Large100 remind

Various Artists

Large Wax 006

Some proper modern house tracks rooted in the 90's on Large Musics Large Wax series. James Dexter, Purple Velvet. Montel remix for Matthias Vogts and... more...

12inch Large: LARWAX006 remind

Roy Davis Jr ft. XL


Classic club house by Mr Roy Davis. He can't do much wrong in our eyes... also this time he drops a great record. A-side is a Ron Carrol like big club... more...

12inch Large: Large119 remind

Roy Davis jr


The amazing Gabriel track of Roy Davis! One of the best house tracks ever.. Beautiful vocals and still fresh as on the day it was released. Must have!... more...

12inch Large: LARV019 remind

Roy Davis jr.

This Is How We Do It

Roy steps up again and produces a future classic. Retro keys, soulful sax licks and crisp beats merge with an electro-inspired bassline to create this... more...

12inch Large: Large 107 remind