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Various Artists - Libertine 10

Various Artists

Libertine 10

Libertine turns 10! An Outstanding compilations that showcase all the shades of Libertine music concept, from electro to techno and trance inlfuenced... more...

3x12inch Libertine: LIB10 € 34,99

Dawl - Libertine 11


Libertine 11

Dawl debut on Libertine Records with 4 killer ravey cuts

12inch Libertine: LIB11 € 12,99

Louh - Libertine Industries 02


Libertine Industries 02

The young and talented Louh debut on Libertine Industries, 4 outstanding acidic tracks for every dancefloor.

12inch Libertine: LBIN02 remind

Sbri - Libertine Industries 01


Libertine Industries 01

Libertine Industries is the new output dedicated to new talent and Libertine resident djs... Sbri is in charge of the first release with an outstandin... more...

2x12inch Libertine: LBIN01 € 29,99

Pax Kivi - Libertine Traditions 11

Pax Kivi

Libertine Traditions 11

Pax Kivi debut is pretty impressive, original acid music for classy dance floors. more...

12inch Libertine: TRAD011 remind