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26-03-2020 - thursday

Various Artists - Sidereal Time

Various Artists

Sidereal Time

Over a decade after the first LiveJam collaboration surfaced - on a strictly vinyl-only basis - an entire cosmos of interconnected artists, labels and... more...

12inch LiveJam: LJR10 € 13,99

25-10-2018 - thursday

EMG - Freedom



LiveJam is approaching its 10th year anniversary and its founder EMG releases his first solo EP on the imprint. Three heavy cuts to celebrate the arti... more...

12inch LiveJam: LJR08 € 12,99

18-10-2017 - wednesday

John Swing  - Album Sampler

John Swing

Album Sampler

This 12inch, out on the limited-run LiveJam Limited imprint, wants to propose three club-oriented cuts exctracted from John Swing's debut album 'Assor... more...

12inch LiveJam: LJRLTD003.2 remind

11-01-2017 - wednesday

John Swing - Assorted Moods

John Swing

Assorted Moods

Assorted Moods is a turning point in John Swing’s artistic output straying from his signature house and techno sound, towards many of his other influe... more...

3x12inch LiveJam: LJR07 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

15-04-2016 - friday

Vinalog - LiveJam Limited 002


LiveJam Limited 002

LiveJam Records’ backbones EMG and John Swing make their first appearance as Vinalog on the sought-after Limited series of the label. This promo relea... more...

12inch LiveJam: LJRLTD002 € 12,99

28-11-2012 - wednesday

Appointment - Les Appointment Royale


Les Appointment Royale

''Les Appointment Royale'' is the seventh quest of the Appointment program. 4 organic tracks of mesmerizing techno, ranging from condensed House somna... more...

12inch LiveJam: Appointment007 € 4,99

Appointment - Reunion



After a 5 months hiatus the Appointment krew (Emg, Marieu, John Swing and Lucretio) is back to the game with another cluster bomb manufactured up to t... more...

12inch LiveJam: Appointment006 remind

Appointment  - Reconstruction



''Hard-edged, hefty, raw: “Reconstruction” was produced in London on a swift intense single day of recordings and mastered at The Carvery in the same... more...

12inch LiveJam: Appointment005 remind

Appointment - To Raw For You


To Raw For You

Raw and direct tracks on the Appointment label, which was born from a fusion of Livejam & restoration records. Four tracks with influences of the pure... more...

12inch LiveJam: Appointment004 remind

Appointment - Appointment 3


Appointment 3

Appointment records comes wih 4 new compromiseless analogue tracks by the appointment crew. a noise study about the possibilty of frequency phases. su... more...

12inch LiveJam: Appointment003 remind

Various Artists - Spontaneous Music From Natural Feelings

Various Artists

Spontaneous Music From Natural Feelings

Livejams with more raw killer house tracks. Slightly more refined as the rough liverecordings on the previous editions, but still with that cool live... more...

12inch LiveJam: LJR01 remind

Appointment - Reel to Real


Reel to Real

4 Real raw techno tracks direct analogue cutted from the tape...

12inch LiveJam: Appointment002 remind

Various Artists - Levels Of Perception

Various Artists

Levels Of Perception

Raw house music mid 90's style with harder live recorded percussion and distorted elements to more smooth deeper tracks.

12inch LiveJam: LJR05 € 9,99

Appointment - Appointment 1


Appointment 1

New label linked to the Livejam guys... more of that raw live recorded 90's house tracks (actually in the 90's they probably would have call this tech... more...

12inch LiveJam: Appointment001 remind

Various Artists - Going Further

Various Artists

Going Further

The Livejams posse delivering! Raw rellentless mid 90's detroit influenced house tracks!

12inch LiveJam: LJR04 remind

Various Artists - Planetary Consciousness

Various Artists

Planetary Consciousness

Raw house and techno tracks for all fans of edgy and raw dance tracks rooted in Chicago house and Detroit Techno with a nice analogue lively feel to i... more...

12inch LiveJam: LJR03 remind

Various Artists - Through Dimensions Of Sound

Various Artists

Through Dimensions Of Sound

Vinyl only release, limited to 500 handnumbered copies! 4 live recorded tracks with that special raw feeling, bridging the gap between techno and hou... more...

12inch LiveJam: LJR02 remind