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16-02-2023 - thursday

Hieroglyphic Being

The Shittest Sounds U Don't Ever Want 2 Hear

The Shittest Sounds U Don't Ever Want 2 Hear With Spiritual Titles 2 Prove How Deep I Am Vol. 1. Hieroglyphic Being emerges with more electronic easy... more...

2LP Mathematics: Math108 € 29,99

21-12-2020 - monday

Hieroglyphic Being

Black Hands Vol. 3

Chicago's Hieroglyphic Being's Black Hands Vol 3 presents more incredibly original analog sonics & organic swings. The 5 tracks Black Hands Sounds 9,... more...

12inch Mathematics: Mathplus020 remind

16-10-2020 - friday

Hieroglyphic Being

A Synthetic Love Life Vol. 1

Hieroglyphic Being has materialized with the limited & stamped ''A Synthetic Love Life Vol 1'' created a decade ago to cassette & sonically presented... more...

12inch Mathematics: Mathplus015 remind

Hieroglyphic Being

A Synthetic Love Life Vol. 2

HIEROGLYPHIC BEING'S Volume 2 of 9 ''A Synthetic Love Life Vol 2'' features uptempo electronics & simmering circuit boards stamped with Chicago rhythm... more...

12inch Mathematics: Mathplus016 remind

Hieroglyphic Being

A Synthetic Love Life Vol. 3

Hieroglyphic Being's Volume 3 of 9 ''A Synthetic Love Life Vol 3'' features more uptempo freeform electronic mosh pit sonics that were created a decad... more...

12inch Mathematics: Mathplus017 remind

Hieroglyphic Being

Black Hands Vol.2

Chicago's Hieroglyphic Being's Black Hands Vol 2 features off kilter filthiness, techno fusion style breaks & distorted acid vibrations only he can do... more...

12inch Mathematics: Mathplus019 € 12,99

03-05-2019 - friday

Giorgio Luceri

All That We See or Seem

Mathematics staple Giorgio Luceri comes with another positive emotive filled release with long time industry vocalist and musical innovator Greg Fore... more...

12inch Mathematics: Math104 € 12,99

06-02-2019 - wednesday

2x12inch Mathematics: Math105 remind

12-04-2018 - thursday

11-04-2018 - wednesday

Adonis & Daryl Pandy

After Midnight

Mathematics celebrates more than 20 years with previously unreleased Adonis gems ''After Midnight'' & ''Brothers Gonna Work It Out'' featuring the lat... more...

12inch Mathematics: Math099 € 11,99

11-05-2017 - thursday


Portal To Canis

On ''Portal To Canis'', Chicago's Radius serves up 4 tracks of House with a downtempo/electro sensibility. ''A Dash Of Acid'' and ''Seperated'' kick o... more...

12inch Mathematics: Math098 € 12,99

07-02-2017 - tuesday

Audio Atlas pres. DimDJ

Future Ancient EP

Dimdj of Audio Atlas comes with 5 fresh tracks on Mathematics. Ranging from the acid attack of ''Crash 3'' to the downtempo funk of ''Temple Of The Mo... more...

12inch Mathematics: Math093 remind

The Faces of Drums

Do U Like The Way It Feels? EP

STEVE POINDEXTER Steve Poindexter and Jamal Moss return as The Faces of Drums banging those classic Gherkin style vibes and deep chaotic sound motions... more...

12inch Mathematics: Math095 € 13,99

Kelton Prima

Texas Puissance 77 Ep

Kelton Prima returns for his 2nd EP on Mathematics, bringing us 4 tracks of futuristic Electro-flavored Boogie. ''Dallas En Brie'', ''Houston Sur Mori... more...

12inch Mathematics: Math094 € 13,49

The Faces of Drums

Let Go and Release Yourself! EP

Jamal Moss and Steve Poindexter return with 3 tracks of straight bugged-out freakness and manic drum mechanics. 'The Inbearable Tension' on the A side... more...

12inch Mathematics: Math097 € 12,99

Hieroglyphic Being

Azimuthal Equidistant EP

On 'Azimuthal Equidistanta' Hieroglyphic Being & The Configurative Or Modular Me Trio serve up 3 tracks on limited colored vinyl. The title track is a... more...

12inch Mathematics: Math096 € 12,99

02-09-2016 - friday

Africans With Mainframes

Faces of Africa

Noleian Reusse and Jamal Moss team up again as Africans With Mainframes for ''Faces Of Africa EP''. Think early Ibadan or Smile records B-sides of mur... more...

12inch Mathematics: Math090 remind

Africans With Mainframes

Faces Of Africa Pt. II

Africans With Mainframes return with ''Faces Of Africa Pt. II'' in the series of Deep House and Acid Chicago sounds. Think Guidance or Large records f... more...

12inch Mathematics: Math091 remind

21-06-2016 - tuesday

Hieroglyphic Being

Cosmic Bebop

Proper past perspective of works (1996-2014) from Jamal Moss of obscure experimental releases of unique analog sounds reissued other his other popular... more...

2x12inch Mathematics: Math088 remind

The Angel Race

Ghetto Sketches

Second EP on Mathematics from Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being and Deviree ''Ghetto Sketches EP'' is an experimental fusion of Jazz/Deep House/Black... more...

12inch Mathematics: Math087 € 12,99

03-04-2016 - sunday

Africans With Mainframes

Save The Robots ep

Unplayed copy. Pure Chicago oldschool tech/deephouse tracks with some noisy vocoder vocals by Jamal Moss & Noleian Reusse. Strong and freaky!

12inch Mathematics: Math005 (Mint) remind

24-02-2016 - wednesday

John Heckle


John Heckle is back on Mathematics with this 4 track EP. Bringing back some serious textures and sequence in sonic mentalism. Reminiscent of laidback... more...

12inch Mathematics: Math086 € 12,49

22-12-2015 - tuesday

Giorgio Luceri Pres 6D22

I Know U Have Wings EP

''I KNOW U HAVE WINGS'' EP feats 4 tracks from one of Mathematics' main artists, Giorgio Luceri. A serious deep textured beating EP for the serious da... more...

12inch Mathematics: Math085 € 12,49