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07-02-2022 - monday

10-06-2021 - thursday

Gerald Cleaver - Griots

Gerald Cleaver


Riots' is Gerald Cleaver's second electronic album, jointly released by 577 Records sub label Positive Elevation and Meakusma. It sees Cleaver further... more...

LP Meakusma: MEA035 / PEREC004 € 21,99

22-12-2020 - tuesday

Dont DJ X NWAQ - Fashion



Ahead of the Meakusma Festival 2019 Don't DJ and NWAQ did an artist residency developing new music together from scratch. Their resulting performance... more...

LP Meakusma: MEA033 € 16,99

02-10-2020 - friday

Al Chem - 777

Al Chem


777 is a new 7inch single by Al Chem, the solo moniker of Alexander Christou of Berliner Ring and Berlin electro rock outfit Elecdrones. Where his 201... more...

7inch Meakusma: MEA031 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

07-04-2020 - tuesday

Various Artists - Au-Dela

Various Artists


Au-dela is a collaborative record by La Scie Doree and Meakusma. It features eight pieces of music by La Scie Dorée affiliates. For the 2018 Meakusma... more...

LP Meakusma: MEA030 € 19,99

11-03-2019 - monday

Giraffe - Shine and Dark


Shine and Dark

''Dreams, as we all know, are very curious things: certain incidents in them are presented with quite uncanny vividness, each detail executed with the... more...

LP Meakusma: MEA026 € 16,99

12-11-2018 - monday

Viola Klein - A passport and a visa stamped by the holy ghost

Viola Klein

A passport and a visa stamped by the holy ghost

The sound sources in Klein's work are rooted in personal relationships. Klein worked for a New York church's audio ministry; she mixed the choir, r... more...

12inch Meakusma: MEA027 remind

27-08-2018 - monday

Realistic Monk (Carl Stone & Miki Yui) - Realm

Realistic Monk (Carl Stone & Miki Yui)


Realistic Monk is the new performance project from Carl Stone in collaboration with artist and composer Miki Yui. Carl Stone is one of the pioneers of... more...

12inch + Download Meakusma: MEA025 € 16,99

23-07-2018 - monday

Razen - The Night Receptionist


The Night Receptionist

The Brussels-based Razen make experimental and minimal drone music with unconventional instruments, focusing on tuning, intonation and the use of inte... more...

CD Meakusma: MEA024 € 14,99

23-04-2018 - monday

Tomaga - Music For Visual Disorders


Music For Visual Disorders

Music For Visual Disorders collects together various compositions by Tomaga that have been used by different artists or curators within the context of... more...

LP Meakusma: MEA023 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

13-11-2017 - monday

Going - III (Disque D'ORgue)


III (Disque D'ORgue)

Going's third effort is a joint release by Silent Water and meakusma. Recorded in the span of one year in monthly recording sessions, it sees them ven... more...

12inch + Download Meakusma: MEA022/SW015 € 19,99

06-02-2017 - monday

Giraffe - Juni



Juni is the first joint release by Charly Schoeppner and Sascha Demand, two seasoned veterans of experimental and improvisational music. They call the... more...

12inch Meakusma: Mea019 € 10,49

16-01-2017 - monday

Viola Klein - Exchange

Viola Klein


Viola Klein is the house music 'auteur' behind two beautiful and contemplative house music records on her own Viola Klein imprint. Her Bring Your Ass... more...

12inch Meakusma: Mea021 remind

19-09-2016 - monday

Lord Tang - Butterflies

Lord Tang


Butterflies is Lord Tang's second full length release. It is a warm descent into a dub fueled frenzy of color and light. It is a sound dredged from th... more...

LP Meakusma: Mea020 € 13,49

09-05-2016 - monday

Monochord - Spatial Stereo


Spatial Stereo

Monochord are Vienna-based musicians Bernhard Hammer and Jakob Schneidewind, two thirds of Elektro Guzzi, though Monochord paints a different picture.... more...

12inch Meakusma: Mea018 € 9,49

16-11-2015 - monday

Bryce Hackford - Behind

Bryce Hackford


Artist, producer and DJ Bryce Hackford will release on November 9th 2015 the nine-track album Behind, his second full length since 2013's Fair, and hi... more...

2x12inch Meakusma: Mea017 € 15,49

07-09-2015 - monday

22-05-2015 - friday

Mix Mup - Beach Hotel De Haan

Mix Mup

Beach Hotel De Haan

On Mix Mup's first outing on meakusma, he once again delves deep into abstracted, bleeped-out house music. His characteristically playful and quirky s... more...

EP Meakusma: Mea016 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

01-12-2014 - monday

Ryo Murakami - Spectrum EP (Porter Ricks Remix)

Ryo Murakami

Spectrum EP (Porter Ricks Remix)

Tokyo-based Ryo Murakami has been releasing slightly minimal-inflected house music since 2007. His club-oriented work has always been subtly atmospher... more...

12inch Meakusma: Mea015 € 9,49

01-09-2014 - monday

Different Fountains - Shrimp That Sleeps

Different Fountains

Shrimp That Sleeps

Different Fountains is the Brussels-based project of Bernardo Risquez and Michael Langeder. For a few years now, they have been at the center of what... more...

LP + CD Meakusma: Mea014 € 14,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Georgia - Like Comment


Like Comment

Georgia is a collaboration between Brian Close and Justin Tripp. On their own Georgia Sounds imprint, they have previously released one album, Asemic... more...

LP Meakusma: Mea012 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Anno Stamm - My Peoples Head

Anno Stamm

My Peoples Head

"Lars Stowe is mostly known for his work as Anstam, releasing his very own brand of avantgarde bassmusic and IDM-flavored intense electronic music on... more...

12inch Meakusma: Mea011 € 9,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Harmonious Thelonious - The Malag EP

Harmonious Thelonious

The Malag EP

Stefan Schwander has been releasing his heavily processed and sequenced take on African music and American minimalism under his Harmonious Thelonious... more...

12inch Meakusma: Mea010 € 9,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Berliner Ring - Bardo

Berliner Ring


In their own words, like a radio-controlled mechanical, electro-mechanical and multifunctional musical instrument, Berliner Ring build up relentless a... more...

12inch Meakusma: Mea009 remind

Various Artists - Langesthal

Various Artists


Meakusma is releasing a 12'' compilation to coincide with their party in Eupen in September 2012. Four artists from the line up each deliver two track... more...

12inch Meakusma: Mea008 € 8,99

Madteo - ReCast by Shake Shakir, Kassem Mosse, Marcellus Pittman


ReCast by Shake Shakir, Kassem Mosse, Marcellus Pittman

The reputation of Madteo as an original, even leftfield club producer deservedly keeps on growing. This new release on meakusma is an essential collec... more...

12inch Meakusma: Mea007 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Madteo - Timesmithing



Brooklyn based Madteo returns to meakusma after his critically acclaimed 'Sinister Ministers' 10inch released on the label in spring 2009. His signatu... more...

10inch Meakusma: Mea006x remind

Dj Yoav B - Wisdom Traxx ep.

Dj Yoav B

Wisdom Traxx ep.

After releasing some highly acclaimed records on Delsin Tel Aviv-based Yoav B. releases three new tracks on the Belgian meakusma label. Gently rubbing... more...

12inch Meakusma: Mea005 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Sic! - Sic!



Meakusma broadens its label profile with another brave and free-spirited release. [sic!] is a modern disco band with members Jules Etienne, Alessandro... more...

12inch Meakusma: Mea004.1 € 7,99

Sic! - Orange Sky (Errorsmith, Quarion, Lowlow rmxs)


Orange Sky (Errorsmith, Quarion, Lowlow rmxs)

Heavy duty remix ep (accompanying the first [sic!] release on Meakusma) features reworks by Errorsmith, Lowlow and Quarion. Errorsmith remodels Orange... more...

12inch Meakusma: Mea004.2 € 8,99

Terrence Dixon - Room 310

Terrence Dixon

Room 310

One of the rare new Terrence Dixon releases... this time on the nice Meakusma. The two original tracks are two deep space jams with and from a Detroit... more...

12inch Meakusma: Mea003 remind

Madteo - Sinister Ministers


Sinister Ministers

Meakusma starts a new series of special, limited releases. On 10inch vinyl and CD, a number of different artists will be contributing tracks, leftfiel... more...

10inch Meakusma: Mea002x remind

Massimiliano Pagliara  / Roger 23 - H-EA-L EP

Massimiliano Pagliara / Roger 23


Following up on their rüts compilation and DVD manifesto, comes this new meakusma release, a collaborative effort of Massimiliano Pagliara (Balihu... more...

12inch Meakusma: Mea001 remind

V/A - Ruts 3/3


Ruts 3/3

The third part of the rüts vinyl mini compilation series features 4 tracks, searching for common and less common grounds between functionality and abs... more...

12inch Meakusma: Ruts003/3 remind

V/A - Ruts 2/3


Ruts 2/3

Part two of the rüts compilation from Belgium’s meakusma imprint once again subtly touches upon different ends of the electronic music spectrum, with... more...

12inch Meakusma: Ruts002/3 € 7,99

V/A - Ruts 1/3


Ruts 1/3

This is the first “vinyl extraction” of the Rüts compilation which is a joint venture between Ampoule Records and Meakusma. Peter van Hoesen is consid... more...

12inch Meakusma: Ruts001/3 remind