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Felix Kubin - Teenage Tapes

Felix Kubin

Teenage Tapes

Minimal Wave is proud to present Teenage Tapes, an LP of selections from the early tape archives of Felix Kubin. The recordings span his adolescent ye... more...

LP Minimal Wave: MW037 remind

Pavillon 7b - Dark Life

Pavillon 7b

Dark Life

Pavillon 7b were a band from Dijon, France and were prominent in the cold wave scene in Europe during the 80's. ''Dark Life'', their first album to be... more...

LP Minimal Wave: MW005 remind
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Ensemble Pittoresque - The Art of Being

Ensemble Pittoresque

The Art of Being

Originally submitted to Polydor (NL) in 1982, Ensemble Pittoresque's first tape has been restored. Ensemble Pittoresque reached success on the Europea... more...

LP Minimal Wave: MW007 remind

Design - Premonition / Fashion & Seduction


Premonition / Fashion & Seduction

Design are a Belgian duo who released two tracks on Belgian vinyl compilations: “Premonition” on the sought after Topless Game LP (1983) and “Sunset B... more...

7inch Minimal Wave: MWX007 remind

Somnambulist / M. Bryo - Split

Somnambulist / M. Bryo


A split 7'' release between Somnambulist and M. Bryo. Described as ''one-man, new wave synth'' bands, these projects were a part of the emerging new m... more...

7inch Minimal Wave: MW006 remind

Martial Canterel - Austerton

Martial Canterel


Wonderful and dark minimal wave, Martial Canterel is a local project based in Brooklyn, NY. Created by one mastermind in a completely analog and disci... more...

LP Minimal Wave: MWX006 / Xanten 003 remind

V/A - The Lost Tapes


The Lost Tapes

A compilation of European Minimal Wave '81-'86 (with an emphasis on Belgium). Rare & unreleased tracks from Bene Gesserit, Absolute Body Control, Stra... more...

LP Minimal Wave: MW003 remind

Los Iniciados - Untitled

Los Iniciados


Los Iniciados was the sister project of cult synth punk band El Aviador Dro from Madrid, Spain. They had ever changing members whose identities were c... more...

7inch Minimal Wave: MW002 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Sluik - Back To Burnsley


Back To Burnsley

Raw Dutch synthy wave at its best. Sluik recorded these tracks in his friend Mental's bedroom studio in 1981. John Peel fell in love with one of his s... more...

7inch Minimal Wave: MW004 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Oppenheimer Analysis - Oppenheimer Analysis

Oppenheimer Analysis

Oppenheimer Analysis

This EP is a limited edition (500 copies) 180 gram vinyl pressing of selected tracks from the Oppenheimer Analysis cassette entitled ''New Mexico'' re... more...

12inch Minimal Wave: MW001 remind