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Demdike Stare


Since the release of their album Wonderland a couple of years ago, Demdike Stare have been recording material for this new doublepack Passion; an asym... more...

2LP Modern Love: Love111 remind
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18 1/2 Minute Gaps

Outta the shadows and into the strobe-light, Alex Lewis aka Turinn debuts on Modern Love with a highly rinsable debut double-pack of sawn-off brukbeat... more...

2x12inch Modern Love: Love104 € 27,99
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Demdike Stare


A project that came to life fuelled by collectors’ obsession and a lifelong willingness to dive head- first into unknown musical wormholes, Miles Whit... more...

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Housebound Demigod

From the disputed border somewhere between Lancashire and Yorkshire, G..H. claims a no mans land where he is free to decimate distinctions between bla... more...

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Andy Stott

Too Many Voices

Andy Stott unveils fourth album Too Many Voices for Modern Love, coming ten years since his debut long player Merciless. Too Many Voices continues his... more...

2LP Modern Love: Love101lp remind
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Low Jack

Lighthouse Stories

Low Jack makes his Modern Love debut with a new 10-track album exploring dancefloor aesthetics fed through Footwork signatures, eventually splintered... more...

LP Modern Love: Love102 € 24,99
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Demdike Stare

Testpressing #007

Lucky #7 - the best Testpressing yet from Demdike Stare and the final instalment for the time being for a series that began almost two years ago. Lan... more...

12inch Modern Love: Love099 remind

Andy Stott

Faith In Strangers

Andy Stott returns with his first new album since 2012's 'Luxury Problems', straddling analogue club music and vocal pop songs - somewhere between Ron... more...

2x12inch Modern Love: Love098lp remind

Demdike Stare

Testpressing #005

7 months on from TP#4, Demdike return with the 5th instalment in their ongoing research and development series - a double-headed monster split between... more...

12inch Modern Love: Love096 remind
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Demdike Stare

Testpressing #006

Exactly one month on from TP#5, Demdike Stare unleash the 6th instalment in their ongoing tespressing series, a split session focusing on damaged dan... more...

12inch Modern Love: Love097 remind
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Millie & Andrea

Drop The Vowels

An album borne from a love of both pop, breakbeat and experimental club music, made to evoke an adrenalised, hedonistic, as well as an emotional respo... more...

2x12inch Modern Love: Love094 remind

Jack Dice

Sip Paint

The second EP from Jack Dice sees a huge leap in ambition for the project, a 5 track session that's more addictive, direct and heady than its predeces... more...

12inch Modern Love: Love093 remind

Rainer Veil

New Brutalism

Released almost exactly a year on from their debut ‘Struck’ EP, Liam Morley and Dan Valentine return with ‘New Brutalism’, an exploration of angular,... more...

12inch Modern Love: Love092 remind
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Demdike Stare

Tryptych (Jewel Case Repress)

Demdike Stare's 'Tryptych', is a lavish triple CD production that brings together three albums that have previously only been avail... more...

3xCD Modern Love: Love067CDRP remind

Andy Stott

Passed Me By / We Stay Together (Jewel Case Repress)

Produced slowly and meticulously over the last 12 months, these two EP's were originally released on vinyl during 2011 and have become the most widel... more...

2xCD Modern Love: LOVE070CDRP remind

Demdike Stare

Testpressing #004

Searing, tormented darkside f**kery from Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty’s Demdike Stare on their rinse and run Testpressing series. A-side ‘Fail’ is... more...

12inch Modern Love: Love089 remind
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Concrete (Andy Stott Remix)

Earlier this year Andy Stott found himself playing on the same bill as New York “Heavy Metal hoarders” Batillus. Despite operating in completely diffe... more...

12inch Modern Love: Love095 remind

Demdike Stare

Testpressing #003

Proceeding missions into the no-mans-land of noise and jungle, Demdike Stare adopt a typically schizoid stance at House and Techno tempos on the 3rd... more...

12inch Modern Love: Love087 remind
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An addendum of sorts to his recent ‘Faint Hearted’ album, Miles’ returns with a half-hour EP of new material more squarely aimed at the floor with fou... more...

12inch Modern Love: Love084 remind
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Demdike Stare

Testpressing #001

Demdike Stare return to the lab with two extended new productions, inaugurating a series of untamed releases brought together under the Testpressing b... more...

12inch Modern Love: Love085 remind
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Rainer Veil

Struck ep

Rainer Veil are Liam Morley and Dan Valentine, two friends who met while studying contemporary music in the north of England. The pair began improvisi... more...

12inch Modern Love: Love083 remind