Label: Mork - All

23-07-2019 - tuesday

nthng - Microdose



nthng is back with an introspective blend of atmospheric techno and ethereal magic. A three-track slab of undeniably profound wax.

12inch Mork: Mork020 remind

17-06-2019 - monday

HLLW - Bolge EP


Bolge EP

Copenhagen producer HLLW returns top the Lobster family following a very special triple 7'' release in 2017 with a four track EP exploring the deeper,... more...

12inch Mork: Mork019 € 12,99

07-02-2019 - thursday

1800HaightStreet  - Age



1800HaightStreet finally return to Mörk for 2019 with a four tracker of deep diving techno that segues between aquatic dub techno, thundering drum 'n'... more...

12inch Mork: Mork018 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

14-09-2018 - friday

Jon Fay - Planet Nynex

Jon Fay

Planet Nynex

Following on from his debut on Mörk last year, Jon Fay delves even further into the depths of the nocturnal shades of dub techno. Deep, throbbing perc... more...

12inch Mork: Mork017 € 12,99

29-03-2018 - thursday

Imre Kiss - Strangers

Imre Kiss


Core family member and Crisis founder Imre Kiss returns to the Lobster fray with a deep, riveting and emotive EP for sub-label Mörk.

12inch Mork: Mork016 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

23-06-2017 - friday

D.Dan - Dan's Dilemma


Dan's Dilemma

D.Dan returns to the Lobster family bringing that signature planet-slaying depth-charged techno alongside some lighter touch Dan material.

12inch Mork: Mork015 remind

10-05-2017 - wednesday

No Moon - I Left My Dial In Pirovac 1.5

No Moon

I Left My Dial In Pirovac 1.5

Mork white finally launches to provide a small sub-outlet for more off-Mork sounds. Exploring rougher edges and surfaces as well as some more minimali... more...

12inch Mork: MorkWHT001.5 remind

No Moon - I Left My Dial In Pirovac 1

No Moon

I Left My Dial In Pirovac 1

Mork white finally launches to provide a small sub-outlet for more off-Mork sounds. Exploring rougher edges and surfaces as well as some more minimali... more...

12inch Mork: MorkWHT001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

14-04-2017 - friday

TRP - The Future


The Future

With a trail of club-worn bodies left in his wake since his debut Lobster Theremin EP, closely followed by huge slabs for Shall Not Fade and Unknown T... more...

12inch Mork: Mork014 remind

31-03-2017 - friday

ASOK - Inner Circle


Inner Circle

Hot on the heals of his ethereal, raw & scrunchy EP for the Lobster Theremin main label, Stu Robinson aka ASOK returns with a quick fire reply via LT... more...

12inch Mork: Mork013 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

23-03-2017 - thursday

Royer - Documented



With a skillet of brooding, deep & melodic releases in his wake for the Lobster main label, Moomin's Closer imprint and an exceptionally beautiful sel... more...

12inch Mork: Mork012 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

09-12-2016 - friday

Grant - Cranks



Mork finally arrives with it's first album, a super extended 3LP of deep, heady club excursions from long-time LA musician, producer and DJ, Grant. more...

3LP Mork: Mork011 € 29,99

12-08-2016 - friday

Jon Fay - Untitled

Jon Fay


Mork finally hits a mighty ten releases, continuing our journey into the depths with a cauldron of cavernous dub techno from US delay-hound, Jon Fay.... more...

12inch Mork: Mork010 remind

07-07-2016 - thursday

07-03-2016 - monday

Roza Roza - '-'

Roza Roza


Radiating from the online world through a limited batch of puristic, meddling drum-programmed experiments, this three-track debut is a pure tour de fo... more...

12inch Mork: Mork008 remind

27-11-2015 - friday

05-10-2015 - monday

Moodcut - Heart Beat Takeaway


Heart Beat Takeaway

Dust-soaked and fizzing with effervescent residue, these five tracks swerve and dive between subtle synth texturisations and deep-sleeping sullen hous... more...

12inch Mork: Mork006 € 14,99

18-09-2015 - friday

Romansoff - Infinite Dreams


Infinite Dreams

Four tracks channeling light-splintered techno, looping, shuttered-blind house and even some more visceral washed-out 5am sounds on the flip side. Dre... more...

12inch Mork: Mork005 remind

26-06-2015 - friday

Tissu - Unmanned Vehicle


Unmanned Vehicle

Warm, washy chords collide with bubbling, subterranean acid and crunchy drum work on this subtly epic debut from Swiss newcomer, Tissu, with his tripp... more...

12inch Mork: Mork004 remind

20-05-2015 - wednesday

Nthng - 1996



Nthng follows up his acclaimed debut EP 'Remember Us' with the third entry into the Mörk catalogue, '1996'. Taking a less aquatic approach to producti... more...

12inch Mork: Mork003 remind

04-03-2015 - wednesday

Raw M.T. - La Duna

Raw M.T.

La Duna

The second Mork release finally gets out of the blocks, helmed by Italian analogue explorer Raw M.T. With some seriously heavy cuts under his belt, we... more...

12inch Mork: Mork002 remind

15-12-2014 - monday

Nthng - Remember Us


Remember Us

Lobster Theremin launch their first sublabel proper, heralding a darker, murkier and deeper sound on their newly minted Mork imprint. Retaining it's... more...

12inch Mork: Mork001 remind