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06-01-2014 - monday

Quarion - Shale Gas EP


Shale Gas EP

The awesome analogue opener on this EP will have you reaching for the stars as Quarion opens up on the machines and shows us a new side of his super... more...

12inch Muhk Music: Muhk004 € 8,49

09-09-2013 - monday




More hardware driven soul grinding dance music from Muhk with Matti Turunen's Morphology partner, Michael D (CRC) behind the machines this time. Melt... more...

12inch Muhk Music: Muhk003 € 8,49

21-05-2013 - tuesday

Matti Turunen - Fall EP

Matti Turunen

Fall EP

Muhk's second release with this warm, retro sounding, analogue drenched number that will punch into your soul.

12inch Muhk Music: Muhk002 remind

29-10-2012 - monday

Matti Turunen - ELokuu EP

Matti Turunen

ELokuu EP

Muhk are proud to present their debut EP as a small label specializing in hardware made electronic music. The Elokuu EP produced by Finland's Matti Tu... more...

12inch Muhk Music: Muhk001 remind