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30-10-2018 - tuesday

Zru Vogue - Assembly For Body Movements

Zru Vogue

Assembly For Body Movements

An introduction to Zru Vogue's world. A percussive no wave, minimal and funky electro. Oscillating between psychdelic rock and modern postpunk. ''Asse... more...

LP Musiques Electroniques Actuelles: MEA0002 € 20,49

02-07-2018 - monday

U.S.O.C.A. - Emancipator



90's Electro-Punk project based in Chicago after Janis Sils emigrated from Riga, Latvia. Self built instruments to create an trash and solid industria... more...

12inch Musiques Electroniques Actuelles: MEA-0003 € 20,99

16-10-2017 - monday