Label: NWAQ APE - All

Newworldaquarium - Chubby Knuckles EP


Chubby Knuckles EP

More dead bears for the masses! Unreleased/never heard before material by Newworldaquarium, trancendental disco fever straight from the aquarium. Mast... more...

12inch NWAQ APE: APE05 € 11,99

Newworldaquarium - Mercury / Levels Halo


Mercury / Levels Halo

Newworldaquarium adds to his small but perfectly formed discography two unreleased extras from his Dead Bears album, and describes them as "early 2000... more...

12inch NWAQ APE: APE06 € 11,99

Newworldaquarium - The Dead Bears


The Dead Bears

As Jochem Peteri returns his attention to the jewels buried in his back catalogue, including last year's reissue of the 154 LP Strike, it's a relief t... more...

3x12inch NWAQ APE: APE-LP02 € 23,99

Newworldaquarium - The Games That We Play


The Games That We Play

More NWAQ repress power, remastered by Marco Spaventi and pressed on 180 grams vinyl. Artwork by Graphic Surgery.

12inch NWAQ APE: APE04 € 11,99

Newworldaquarium - Trespassers



First of a new series on Newworldaquarium's reissue/rmx label Ape, essential 180g repress of this sought after classic - TIP!!!

12inch NWAQ APE: APE02 € 11,99