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29-03-2021 - monday

Various Artists - Simeis 147

Various Artists

Simeis 147

Nebulae is back, gathering a new crew of artists from different points of the planet, who will take you on a new expedition through the universe more...

12inch Nebulae Records: NBL008 € 17,99

30-07-2020 - thursday

Armec - Spirograph EP


Spirograph EP

Armec returns to Nebulae and chooses the Spirograph Nebula as the inspiration to deliver 5 gorgeous cosmic landscapes, where mellow textures combine w... more...

12inch Nebulae Records: NBL007 remind

05-02-2020 - wednesday

Various Artists - N49 EP

Various Artists

N49 EP

ebulae’s new cosmic trip returns to the VA format with a galactic selection of artists from around the planet. Expect the usual collection of dreamy t... more...

LP Nebulae Records: NBL006 remind

03-10-2019 - thursday

Sound Synthesis - IC 4406 EP

Sound Synthesis

IC 4406 EP

After delivering a gorgeous gem in Nebulae’s last release, Sound Synthesis is back in the house with a 4 track EP, carrying us through an elegantly me... more...

12inch Nebulae Records: NBL005 remind

12-04-2019 - friday

27-11-2018 - tuesday

12-07-2018 - thursday

Placid One - Hourglass EP

Placid One

Hourglass EP

Placid One delivers pulsing breaks, swirling electrics and acid jabs that will send you bursting through the earth's stratosphere to a solitary, sonic... more...

12inch Nebulae Records: NBL002 remind