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08-06-2018 - friday

Various Artists - We Love You Roger

Various Artists

We Love You Roger

Neon Finger pays tribute to one of the most important and influential funk figures, Mr. Roger Troutman. The compilation is made up of 8 original compo... more...

12inch Neon Finger: NF07 € 20,99

19-12-2016 - monday

Inkswel - Secret River


Secret River

Neo Finger's next switch includes new music by australian's native funk Inkswel. Presenting a side jungle adventure mini album entitled ''Secret River... more...

EP Neon Finger: NF02 € 10,99

28-06-2016 - tuesday

DJ Overdose  - Techno Hop

DJ Overdose

Techno Hop

Synth-funk, boogie, hip hop, electro-funk and simply freaky rythms on the new album by DJ Overdose ''Techno Hop''. Where the prolific artist from the... more...

EP Neon Finger: NF01 € 10,99