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18-03-2016 - friday

Alvin Aronson - High Rise

Alvin Aronson

High Rise

Following the release of Alvin Aronson's 'City' EP on White Material earlier this month, the New York based producer has shared clips of his 'High Ris... more...

12inch Nord Records: Nord009 € 6,99

01-08-2015 - saturday

Dj Guy - Ancient Future 1993-1997

Dj Guy

Ancient Future 1993-1997

Old school analaogue tracks including a proper portion of bubbling acid tracks. more...

2x12inch Nord Records: Nord008 remind

26-01-2015 - monday

Central - Initial



Challenging, jacking techno tracks straight outta Aarhus, Denmark.

12inch Nord Records: Nord007 € 6,99

13-11-2014 - thursday

Bookworms - Compact Visual Nature


Compact Visual Nature

Sixth record from danish NORD Records, and its Bookworms delivering some analogue sounding tracks in the vein of L.I.E.S.

12inch Nord Records: Nord005 € 6,99

31-01-2014 - friday

Dj Spider - Northern Abyss ep

Dj Spider

Northern Abyss ep

Great pumping NY techno tracks with that psychedelic twist.

12inch Nord Records: Nord004 remind

15-03-2013 - friday

Boxwork - Specialists



Some string dubstep influenced techno tracks by London's Boxwork. Versatile and functional ep. Check!

12inch Nord Records: Nord002 remind