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20-10-2017 - friday

Tuning Circuits - No Compassion

Tuning Circuits

No Compassion

Abrasive EBM led Acid Techno jams, insanely hard to get. Original cassette came out in 1990 in a limited edition of 200 copies. All rhythms, synths, v... more...

2x12inch Not On Label: TFOPE2 € 24,99

13-10-2017 - friday

OTTO - Full Auto


Full Auto

Quirky krautrock influenced tunes by OTTO on his self-released Full Auto.

12inch Not On Label: Sauber Bleiben remind

16-04-2015 - thursday

Klaus Doldinger - Ein Fall Fur Zwei

Klaus Doldinger

Ein Fall Fur Zwei

One-sided & handstamped. From the name you might guess which German TV serie it's based on.

12inch Not On Label: EinFallFurZwei remind