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26-09-2018 - wednesday

Alyn - Rehtom EP


Rehtom EP

New from the ever discerning Nous camp comes AYLN's RehtomEP, a 25 minute exploration of the kind of unrelenting machine music for which both artist a... more...

12inch Nous: US2018 remind

19-01-2018 - friday

27-09-2017 - wednesday

Cofaxx - Pico Vu Ep


Pico Vu Ep

Another smasher from Nous, this time courtesy of Cofaxx, AKA Joseph Magee and his boundlessly breathtaking 'Pico Vu' EP, a seven tracker that manages... more...

12inch Nous: US016 € 12,99

31-05-2017 - wednesday

Ismael - Low Contrast EP


Low Contrast EP

Ismael's addition to the Nous camp is an impressively expansive account of contemporary electronic club music, with one foot firmly planted in a robus... more...

12inch Nous: US015 € 12,99

23-11-2016 - wednesday

Various Artists - #3 Black

Various Artists

#3 Black

Following up from the #3 WHITE LP compilation - #3 Black feature 7 more exclusive track to celebrate Nous's 3 yrs in business. more...

LP Nous: US014 € 15,99

19-10-2016 - wednesday

Fetnat - Swahili



Five galvanic, techno-esque slabs of sound and rhythm. more...

12inch Nous: US013 € 12,99

07-09-2016 - wednesday

13-07-2016 - wednesday

19-05-2016 - thursday

Dreams  - Off The Grid


Off The Grid

For their first release of 2016 Nous Disques takes up where they last left off with another impeccably crafted release, courtesy of the L.A. based pro... more...

12inch Nous: US011 remind

11-11-2015 - wednesday

Ypy - Visions ep


Visions ep

Osaka’s Koshiro Hino steps up to the plate for the next journeys by Nous Disques with an oblique experiment in syncopated, gritty-textured, deep-hued... more...

12inch Nous: US009 € 6,99

29-07-2015 - wednesday

Various Artists - Ethos Series Vol. 3

Various Artists

Ethos Series Vol. 3

The third release on the Nous Ethos Series..... this time it's a bright and bubbling 6 tracker from another unannounced artist. more...

12inch Nous: OS003 remind

17-07-2015 - friday

Karen Gwyer - Bouloman

Karen Gwyer


In yet another powerfully persuasive incursion the Berlin-based Nous imprint have invited Michigan's recondite Karen Gwyer to handle business for thei... more...

12inch Nous: US008 remind

14-04-2015 - tuesday

O. Xander - Less Is More

O. Xander

Less Is More

Beguilingly fizzy electro vibes kick off the debut effort from the latest addition to Nous' ever expanding plethora of talent. more...

12inch Nous: US007 remind

11-03-2015 - wednesday

Call Super - Fluenka Mitsu ep

Call Super

Fluenka Mitsu ep

Shortly following the release of his critically acclaimed debut album Suzi Ecto, Call Super opens 2015 with the more dancefloor-adaptable Fluenka Mits... more...

12inch Nous: US006 remind

29-01-2015 - thursday

Various Artists - Ethos Series Vol. 2

Various Artists

Ethos Series Vol. 2

Second release on the Nous Ethos Series... more...

12inch Nous: OS002 remind

29-10-2014 - wednesday

Moodcut - Tame Cats ep


Tame Cats ep

With prudent timing comes yet another artful release from Greece's Nous contingent, this time courtesy of Manchester's Moodcut who muses succinctly on... more...

12inch Nous: US005 remind

23-07-2014 - wednesday

Various Artists - Ethos Series Vol. 1

Various Artists

Ethos Series Vol. 1

Cult label Nous with a mystery release... tracks from the NOUS catalog you might recognise re-flipped by producers you most certainly would. more...

12inch Nous: OS001 remind

21-05-2014 - wednesday

Spoiled Drama - Black Drama ep

Spoiled Drama

Black Drama ep

Nous #4 is here and is possibly the most resoundingly mercurial release to come out of the fledging stable thus far, featuring 5 moody, tracky cuts by... more...

12inch Nous: US004 remind

05-02-2014 - wednesday

Route 8 - Eleda

Route 8


Hypnotic house biz on this exciting new imprint! more...

12inch Nous: US003 remind

06-11-2013 - wednesday

Vaib-R - Intl



Hot on the heels of their inaugural release, Athens' Nous imprint dishes up a 2nd taste of what to expect from their lovingly assembled stable of tale... more...

12inch Nous: US002 remind

20-06-2013 - thursday

Miltiades - EPK.X



Expansive, discordant, deep house from Greece’s newest electronic imprint Nous. The label’s name hints at what to expect from this stable, exploring... more...

12inch Nous: US001 remind