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23-11-2020 - monday

Simon Moncler - Data Streams EP

Simon Moncler

Data Streams EP

OCP presents four lysergic equations for the digitized psyche. Simon Moncler and Koga don't play about. Tunes for times when you don't smoke the splif... more...

12inch OCP: OCP003 remind

17-02-2020 - monday

Milz & Hitek - Productions

Milz & Hitek


In-between boxes ocp 002 draws on a wide range of influences in order to undermine their distinctions. As of now the beverly mills studio is in effect... more...

12inch OCP: OCP002 € 10,99

23-04-2019 - tuesday

Koga - Hive Mind EP


Hive Mind EP

OCP proudly presents their debut release, coming from Koga, Frankfurt underground DJ and connoisseur of the M1 organ bass. The 'Hive Mind' EP contains... more...

12inch OCP: OCP001 remind