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22-06-2022 - wednesday

Raven ft. Jocelyn Brown

So In Love

Violinist and refined studio engineer, music consultant and coordinator for a variety of recordings, concerts and venues. True Gentleman. Elliot Rosof... more...

12inch OMAGGIO: OMAGGIO015 € 12,49

13-04-2021 - tuesday

Sound On Sound

Macho / Depression

After getting used to eclectic sounds but always rooted in disco music, boogie with some proto-house drift, at the stroke of a dozen reissues, Omaggio... more...

12inch OMAGGIO: OMAGGIO014 € 11,99

13-01-2021 - wednesday


Floppy's From The Main Frame

A long-awaited vinyl-only sampler showcases some of the most seminal and vanguard recordings from one of the finest minds behind the American electro... more...

12inch OMAGGIO: OMAGGIO013 € 12,49

31-08-2020 - monday


Love Is So Funny

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer with a discography of vast proportions and spanning three decades, Mr. Pete Warner has contributed to t... more...

12inch OMAGGIO: OMAGGIO012 remind

14-05-2020 - thursday


I Can Feel It (Juan Atkins remix)

From ''Tomorrow'' and back to plus thirty years, more precisely in 1987, a teenager named Thomas, Thomas Barnett the full name, released the track ''I... more...

12inch OMAGGIO: OMAGGIO011 € 11,99

12-09-2019 - thursday

Black Sun

Look Again / Haven

Two of our favorite cuts from the rare Black Sun 2 LP, originally released in 1980 by the US Panache Records, now remastered and available on a specia... more...

12inch OMAGGIO: OMAGGIO010 € 10,49

05-04-2019 - friday


In The Red

Superb keyboardist and driving mind of the British jazz funk scene, founder of the seminal and finest band called Atmosfear, Mr. Lester J. Batchelor i... more...

12inch OMAGGIO: OMAGGIO008 remind

08-03-2019 - friday

The Cool Notes

I Wanna Dance

Started out as a reggae, lovers rock band in the late 70's, The Cool Notes consolidated their reputation in the 80s, after turning towards more soulfu... more...

12inch OMAGGIO: OMAGGIO009 € 10,49

13-12-2018 - thursday

Master Plan

Pushin Too Hard

An insanely difficult record to find featuring Master Plan, with synthesizers by Tom O'Callaghan and vocals by Pepper Gomez, 'Pushin' Too Hard' was bo... more...

12inch OMAGGIO: OMAGGIO007 remind

01-11-2018 - thursday

04-05-2018 - friday

Prana People

Prana People

Omaggio brings the heat once again with the reissue of Prana People, self titled LP originally released in 1977 on Prelude. The Aleem brothers Taharqa... more...


06-04-2018 - friday

Beckie Bell

In The Right Place

Absolute killer official reissue from the legendary and sort after album ''In Need Of...'' Breathtaking vocal, emotionally rich and a melody to seduce... more...

12inch OMAGGIO: OMAGGIO004 € 10,49

31-05-2017 - wednesday


All The Way You Move

A bassline so infectious, how can you not move to that! Killer boogie funk at its finest Will make you slide to the dance floor By the time the vocal... more...

12inch OMAGGIO: OMAGGIO-003 remind

14-02-2017 - tuesday

Cecil Lyde

Stone Free

I admit I wasn't familiar with this album, so many just pass us by, but as I sat back and listened, I slowly realized that this isn't just any soul LP... more...


01-08-2016 - monday