Label: Omniverse - All

16-12-2019 - monday


Nu Era


Words like soulful techno, real techno and true techno are easily thrown around these days but what really is a 'true techno' record? Arguably we coul... more...

2x12inch Omniverse: OMNIVLP10 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

17-05-2019 - friday

Marc Mac - Red Tape Instrumentals

Marc Mac

Red Tape Instrumentals

Produced By Marc Mac. Original instrumentals/beats, raw and straight from the MPC. Beats were featured with dialogue or MC's on past releases but now... more...

LP Omniverse: OMNIVLP08 remind

2day & 2moro - Disney on Acid

2day & 2moro

Disney on Acid

The 4 Hero crew serves another rare limted re-edit monster. 7" alert!!!! The first 2 didn't even make it to our website.. so act quick..!!!

12inch Omniverse: Omniverse 703 remind