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29-05-2018 - tuesday

Pekka Airaksinen - Vitae Tennis Nest

Pekka Airaksinen

Vitae Tennis Nest

Spidery piano compositions, seemingly using every key possible, and more, possibly three hands. Then a surprise attack of fuzzed out keyboard and dela... more...

LP One Point: ONEPOINTLP02 € 28,99

Pekka Airaksinen - Vitamins

Pekka Airaksinen


''I was fascinated by what vitamins tell. I noticed that vitamins are a chemical sort of positivity that has at least in Finland reduced during the la... more...

2LP One Point: ONEPOINTLP05 € 39,99

03-02-2018 - saturday

Pekka Airaksinen - Vertical Pillars

Pekka Airaksinen

Vertical Pillars

Vertical Pillars is electronic instrumental improvisational music. Kanakamuni, Kashyapa and Shakyamuni are from Airaksinen's Sugatas album (1984) and... more...

LP One Point: ONEPOINTLP04 € 28,99

Pekka Airaksinen  - Mangala
LP One Point: ONEPOINTLP03 € 28,99

Pekka Airaksinen - Love And Addiction

Pekka Airaksinen

Love And Addiction

Composed in 1978 and released over a decade later under the name McDullan. It finds Airaksinen exploring the themes of sex and drugs, but omitting roc... more...

LP One Point: ONEPOINTLP01 € 29,99