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13-11-2019 - wednesday

Falling Apart  - Death Of Faith

Falling Apart

Death Of Faith

Chicago ghetto techno bangers, powerfull acid basslines, “in your face” dry raw drums. Stripped down live recorded techno jams from the heart of Kreuz... more...

EP Ophism: OPSM006 remind

16-07-2019 - tuesday

Domenico Crisci - Matrice

Domenico Crisci


Raw overdrived and distorted techno slammers by Italian Domenico Crisci more...

Mini-LP Ophism: OPSM005 remind

03-10-2016 - monday

Gaja - Money Create Taste


Money Create Taste

4 Techno tracks Live recorded straight from the stereo bus of the mixer, full analog, fully effective and raw as fuck. Much in the early 90’s Jeff Mil... more...

12inch Ophism: OPSM03 € 11,19

09-02-2016 - tuesday

Gaja - Slaves Of The Future


Slaves Of The Future

Heavy faster-paced acidic techno/electro tracks. Nice one. more...

12inch Ophism: OPSM02 remind

05-03-2015 - thursday

Gaja - Modern Passivity


Modern Passivity

Berlin-based Repitch artist Gaja runs Ophism, a label oriented to raw industrial inspired techno much in the oldskool Regis / Mills etc. vein.

12inch Ophism: OPSM01 remind