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18-01-2019 - friday

Parassela - HFFKEM



UK techno producer Blawan and Italian hardware aficionados The Analogue Cops have reunited as Parassela for a corporate culture-skewering new EP, HFFK... more...

12inch Overdraw Records: OWR011 remind

02-03-2017 - thursday

Kaelan - First Attitude EP
12inch Overdraw Records: OWR008 € 9,99

16-12-2016 - friday

Lucindo - Annihilation EP


Annihilation EP

Lucindo is back with an Acidic straightahead banging techno Ep including an excellent heavy Industrial hypnotic remix by Huren.

12inch Overdraw Records: OWR007 € 9,99

04-07-2016 - monday

04-04-2016 - monday

Rvde - Letters EP


Letters EP

Dark syncopated sounds with hammering rhythms and industrial analogue flavor. Comes with a Keepsakes remix.

12inch Overdraw Records: OWR005 remind

30-06-2015 - tuesday