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08-07-2019 - monday

Robag Wruhme - Venq Tolep

Robag Wruhme

Venq Tolep

Eight years after his previous album Thora Vukk Robag Whrume returns with a new album. Comes in 2x12inch + 7inch with a download code. more...

2x12inch + 7inch Pampa: PAMPALP014 remind

26-04-2018 - thursday

DJ Koze - Pick Up (12inch Extended Disco Version)
12inch Pampa: Pampa031 remind

02-02-2018 - friday

DJ Koze - Seeing Aliens EP
12inch Pampa: Pampa030 remind

12-10-2016 - wednesday

Mike Dehnert - How Close

Mike Dehnert

How Close

Mike has provided 2 original tracks that are as distinct as they are relentless, possessed of a cerebral quality that belies their tough and stripped... more...

12inch Pampa: Pampa027 € 10,99

04-05-2016 - wednesday

Various Artists - Pampa Vol.1

Various Artists

Pampa Vol.1

1st Pampa compilation with tracks by Roman Flügel, Jamie XX and Kosi Kos, Stimming, Ada, Mount Kimbie, Lawrence, Isolée, Axel Bomann, Die Vögel! Inclu... more...

3x12inch + Download Pampa: PampaLP011 € 30,99

16-04-2016 - saturday

17-09-2015 - thursday

Isolee - Floripa EP
12inch Pampa: Pampa026 remind

23-07-2015 - thursday

Dj Koze - XTC ep

Dj Koze

XTC ep

''XTC'' captures the all the blissful allusions of its name, but its initial gentility belies the deep intensity to come. ''Knee On Belly'' recalls Ko... more...

12inch Pampa: Pampa024 remind

15-07-2015 - wednesday

05-06-2015 - friday

29-10-2014 - wednesday

02-04-2014 - wednesday

19-02-2014 - wednesday

Ricoshei / David Dk - Perfect Like You / Woolloomooloo

Ricoshei / David Dk

Perfect Like You / Woolloomooloo

A new split 12″ featuring a newcomer act and a veteran name, both new to the Pampa circle.

12inch Pampa: Pampa020 remind

09-01-2014 - thursday

Soulphiction  - When Radio Was Boss


When Radio Was Boss

The Artist Concurrently Known As Jackmate, now working under the name Soulphiction .

12inch Pampa: Pampa019 remind

Dj Koze - Amygdala rmxs 1

Dj Koze

Amygdala rmxs 1

Herbert and Efdemin remixing dj Koze! Beautiful advanced modern house music!

12inch Pampa: Pampa018 remind

Die Vogel - The Chicken Ep

Die Vogel

The Chicken Ep

“Die Vogel” is German for “the birds'', but those who’ve been following Pampa Records from the beginning know that this duo isn’t some Schlager tribut... more...

12inch Pampa: Pampa017 remind

Durerstuben - Sheet Of Rane


Sheet Of Rane

After a few nice but largely unnoticed 12″s for lower-profile labels, Dürerstuben is ready to make a serious maneuver, and Pampa is pleased to p... more...

12inch Pampa: PAMPA016 remind

Vondelpark - Robag Wruhme Rmxs


Robag Wruhme Rmxs

Tracks by creators of electronic pop containing traces of dance and RnB gets a remix treatment by Robag Wruhme on Koze's Pmpa label.

12inch Pampa: Pampa015 remind

Dj Koze - Amygdala

Dj Koze


The world has been waiting for this album for eight years – DJ Koze returns with an astonishing, mindblowing album that has not exist in this form as... more...

2x12inch Pampa: PampaLP007 remind

Isolee - Allowance



One of the nicest labels from Germany, Pampa with one of the nicest artist, Isolee! Always able to surprise, deliver some fresh sounds without choosin... more...

12inch Pampa: Pampa013 remind

Dntel / Herbert - Remixes by Die Vogel / Dj Koze

Dntel / Herbert

Remixes by Die Vogel / Dj Koze

Pampa is proud to present stunning remixes from Die Vögel for Dntel & DJ Koze for Matthew Herbert. Die Vögel deliver a remix that broadens their multi... more...

12inch Pampa: Pampa012 remind

Dntel - The Robag Wruhme Remixes


The Robag Wruhme Remixes

Nice! Dntel back with some deep moody electronical tracks remixed by Robag Wruhme. Koze delivering some goodies on his Pampa label!

12inch Pampa: Pampa010 remind

Lawrence  - Kurama



The double feature ''Kurama'' presents two deepy enchanting anthems, a timeless vision of love. With the new PAMPA again he has proved that the holy t... more...

12inch Pampa: Pampa009 remind

Die Vogel - Fratzengulasch

Die Vogel


Die Vögel are back. Genre bending modern techno/house tracks on Dj Koze's Pampa label!

12inch Pampa: Pampa008 remind

Robag Wruhme - Thora Vukk

Robag Wruhme

Thora Vukk

Next Pampa offering is a brand new LP by Robag Wruhme, Thora Vukk, due out at the end of April. One half of the Wighnomy Brothers, Wruhme combines int... more...

2x12inch Pampa: PAMPALP002 remind

Isolee - Well Spend Youth


Well Spend Youth

Isolee with his album full of bouncy abstract tracks. Well crafted and made with dedication. more...

2LP Pampa: Pampa lp01 remind

Isolee / Robag Wruhme - Taktell / Thora Vukk

Isolee / Robag Wruhme

Taktell / Thora Vukk

A split 12'' of Isolée and Robag Wruhme who each drop tracks of their upcoming artist albums to be released on Pampa. Side A: There it is again - the... more...

12inch Pampa: Pampa006 remind

Nathan Fake, Dj Koze - Xmas Rush, Mi Cyaan Believe

Nathan Fake, Dj Koze

Xmas Rush, Mi Cyaan Believe

Pampa is steadily developing into a platform for cross-border electronic dance music. Each Pampa release sounds different from the previous and still... more...

12inch Pampa: Pampa005 remind

Axel Boman - Holy Love ep.

Axel Boman

Holy Love ep.

DJ Koze and Marcus Finks Pampa imprint with their 4th release. its Axel Boman from the Studio Barnhus crew with some tight well produced modern house... more...

12inch Pampa: Pampa004 remind

Dj Koze - Rue Burnout

Dj Koze

Rue Burnout

Koze with some delicate and fine music! On his debut 'Rue Burnout EP' from his own Pampa label, he plays with finesse and sophistication, and implicit... more...

12inch Pampa: Pampa003 remind

Jackmate & Missing Linkx - Discodisco 2

Jackmate & Missing Linkx

Discodisco 2

Crazy grooves on dj Koze's label who always tries to push things a bit further. Same style as Pampa 01... funky grooves and crazy samples stirred unti... more...

12inch Pampa: Pampa002 remind

Die Vogel - Blaue Moschee (Dj Koze)

Die Vogel

Blaue Moschee (Dj Koze)

Pampa is a new label from old pals DJ Koze and Marcus Fink, dedicated to releasing club music that's seriously danceable without recourse to the tried... more...

12inch Pampa: Pampa001 remind