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20-03-2020 - friday

Beatrice Dillon - Workaround

Beatrice Dillon


‘Workaround’ is the singular debut album proper by Beatrice Dillon; an eminent rhythm fiend whose productions and DJ sets are prized for her patient,... more...

LP Pan: Pan106 remind

11-12-2019 - wednesday

Pelada - Moviemiento Para Cambio


Moviemiento Para Cambio

Full-length debut for PAN from Montreal based duo Pelada, comprising of vocalist Chris Vargas and producer Tobias Rochman, navigating the city’s under... more...

LP Pan: Pan102 remind

20-06-2019 - thursday

Tujiko Noriko - Kuro (OST)

Tujiko Noriko

Kuro (OST)

PAN inaugurate Entopia, their highly promising, soundtrack-focussed sister label, with the tremulous beauty and dreamy ambient detachment of Tujiko No... more...

LP Pan: Pan089 € 23,99

Lifted (Max D, Beatrice Dillon, Co La ++) - 2

Lifted (Max D, Beatrice Dillon, Co La ++)


Lifted are Future Times boss Max D, Matt Papich aka Co La, Jeremy Hyman and Motion Graphics, as well as Jordan GCZ, Dawit Eklund, Will DiMaggio, Beatr... more...

LP Pan: Pan085 € 23,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

21-12-2018 - friday

Objekt - Cocoon Crush


Cocoon Crush

Written between 2014 and 2018 in Berlin and on the road, Cocoon Crush once again sees the producer jettisoning the functional requirements of the danc... more...

2LP Pan: Pan097 remind

01-11-2018 - thursday

TOXE - Blinks



Swedish producer Toxe's sharp ascent through club-cursed climes has elicited the highest praise from the start. In just a few years she has linked up... more...

12inch Pan: Pan088 € 13,99

30-01-2018 - tuesday

Errorsmith - Superlative Fatigue


Superlative Fatigue

Surely the most innovative dancefloor album you'll hear in 2017; complete joyful abandonment that's both utilitarian and absolutely daring in form. Yo... more...

2LP Pan: Pan081 remind

01-11-2017 - wednesday

Pan Daijing - Lack

Pan Daijing


Beautifully by-passing our expectations, performance artist/musician Pan Daijing’s first major work Lack yields a spellbinding demonstration, or “purg... more...

LP Pan: Pan079 € 21,99

03-07-2017 - monday

Various Artists - Mono No Aware

Various Artists

Mono No Aware

The first compilation to be released on the PAN label, Mono No Aware collates unreleased ambient tracks from both new and existing PAN artists includi... more...

2LP Pan: Pan077 remind

18-10-2016 - tuesday

Yves Tumor - Serpent Music

Yves Tumor

Serpent Music

ves Tumor’s debut for the PAN label offers a perfect distillation of everything the label stands for, filling another as-yet-unnamed niche between the... more...

LP Pan: PAN73 remind

29-06-2016 - wednesday

Helm - Olympic Mess Remixes (Beatrice Dillon, N1L)


Olympic Mess Remixes (Beatrice Dillon, N1L)

PAN return with their first vinyl release in months, racking up excellent Beatrice Dillon and N1L remixes of Helm’s Olympic Mess for the dancefloor.

12inch Pan: PAN70 € 13,99

Helm - Olympic Mess


Olympic Mess

Luke Younger's Helm undergoes a captivating metamorphosis from noise agitator to industrial ambient alchemist with 'Olympic Mess', his new album for P... more...

2LP Pan: PAN63 remind

05-02-2016 - friday

Rashad Becker  - Traditional Music Of Notional Species Vol. I

Rashad Becker

Traditional Music Of Notional Species Vol. I

Rashad Becker is mostly know for his outstanding master jobs at Dubplates & Mastering. Now with some self made noise / ambient tracks on Pan! Press... more...

12inch Pan: PAN34 remind

26-10-2015 - monday

Lee Gamble - B23 Steelhouse / Motor System (Extension)

Lee Gamble

B23 Steelhouse / Motor System (Extension)

Lee Gamble knocks out two 'floor-ruling edits and exclusives on a surprise PAN white label drop.

12inch Pan: Pan065 remind

07-05-2015 - thursday

Spectre - Ruff Kutz


Ruff Kutz

Mastered and cut at D&M from the original DAT tapes in their original sequence, pressed on 140g 2xLP. Includes insert and instant download for your iW... more...

2LP Pan: Pan058 remind

15-12-2014 - monday

Black Sites (Helena Hauff & F#X) - Unit 2669

Black Sites (Helena Hauff & F#X)

Unit 2669

Golden Pudel's Helena Hauff and F#X charge a rampant 2nd session of gristly hardware roil as Black Sites for PAN. Relentlessly bloody-minded and prime... more...

12inch Pan: Pan057 remind

24-10-2014 - friday

Objekt - Flatland



PAN is excited to announce the release of Objekt’s debut album, Flatland. Written between 2012 and 2014, Flatland, which we presume to be named after... more...

2x12inch Pan: Pan060 remind

25-09-2014 - thursday

Lee Gamble - Koch

Lee Gamble


After winning hearts from critics and listeners alike with his two 2012 albums, Lee Gamble delivers a hotly anticipated follow-up for his spiritual ho... more...

2LP Pan: Pan059 remind

07-04-2014 - monday

26-11-2013 - tuesday

Jar Moff - Commercial Mouth

Jar Moff

Commercial Mouth

'Commercial Mouth' is the debut LP from Jar Moff, an Athens based artist working in collage forms. Following on from his previous remix on the Harald... more...

LP Pan: Pan031 € 14,99

Black Sites (Helena Hauff & F#X) - Prototype EP

Black Sites (Helena Hauff & F#X)

Prototype EP

Prototype EP is a reet jacker, kicking overdriven bass, gungy acid lines and a probing melody under tempestuous tape distortion to leave the dance dre... more...

12inch Pan: Pan046 remind

Concrete Fence (Regis & Russell Haswell) - New Release

Concrete Fence (Regis & Russell Haswell)

New Release

Marking the first release for this new project from Regis and Russell Haswell, PAN happily issue forth some troublesome industrial tackle that does aw... more...

12inch Pan: Pan039 remind