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08-02-2018 - thursday

Overloper - Aposynthesis



Pater Noster presents their fifth release, Aposynthesis by Overloper, a side project of Ekman. Dark, grizzled and acidic rhythms poised on a knife edg... more...

12inch Pater Noster: Pater005 remind

14-10-2016 - friday

Folkvett - Troskelvark



Following Windom’s EP of boisterous bangers, Pater Noster is proud to introduce the debut LP from Swedish synth wizard Christian Åkerström. Produced u... more...

12inch Pater Noster: Pater003 € 19,99

01-02-2016 - monday

Windom - Tart Tart


Tart Tart

Fresh off their first release, London-based label Pater Noster Ltd is reveals more of their world of unhinged and overdriven madness by presenting Tar... more...

12inch Pater Noster: Pater002 € 14,99

18-09-2015 - friday

Various Artists - Pater Noster 001

Various Artists

Pater Noster 001

Pater Noster unleash their first 12'' Overdriven hardware excursions sprinkled with a dose of distortion and red lining their way to completion. An in... more...

12inch Pater Noster: Pater001 remind