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25-10-2016 - tuesday

Philogresz - The Lost Remixes


The Lost Remixes

It took 2 years to finally release these reworks for the debut album by Philogresz. Taped wall of sound kinda drift from The Cyclist aka Buz Ludzha co... more...

12inch Phil: PHIL008 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

12-10-2015 - monday

Phil Hinter Ensemble - Philogresz & Simon Hinter present

Phil Hinter Ensemble

Philogresz & Simon Hinter present

Phil Hinter Ensemble is a joint project by Phil's main pillars Philogresz and Simon Hinter as they present their longawaited debut solo EP with 4 inti... more...

12inch Phil: Phil007 € 9,99

24-02-2014 - monday

Philogresz - The Lost Movie (album sampler scene.1)


The Lost Movie (album sampler scene.1)

The Lost Movie is an outcome of Ilker's cinematic perception, approach, interpretation of his constantly intriguing dusty compositions. As a result of... more...

12inch Phil: PHILP001 remind

16-09-2013 - monday

Simon Hinter - Phil 6

Simon Hinter

Phil 6

New Phil release with two reshapers: one is Toronto's finest Basic Soul Unit and the other one is the man behind Phil: Philogresz. Limited as always..

12inch Phil: Phil006 remind

04-02-2013 - monday

Simon Hinter - Phil 5

Simon Hinter

Phil 5

Phil records continues dropping those hot extremely limited silver colored records! Here they go with their 6th release and its sweet as the previous... more...

12inch Phil: Phil005 remind

30-01-2012 - monday

Klovn - Cover up


Cover up

Phil is welcoming the new year with three collectors item tracks by Klovn - the studio partners of Trentemoller & one half of the most successful Dani... more...

12inch Phil: Phil004 remind

07-11-2011 - monday

Ron Deacon ft. The Kat - Phil 3

Ron Deacon ft. The Kat

Phil 3

A New Phil release! Exciting forward thinking techno from Ron Deacon. This si the 4th Phil release in their trademark silver vinyl/silver label stylin... more...

12inch Phil: Phil003 € 9,99

Simon Hinter - Better Life

Simon Hinter

Better Life

After the first 2 Phil releases that both sold out in the first days we have Phil 002 ready. Jazzy and lush tracks that have a solid drive, but someho... more...

12inch Phil: Phil002 remind

Philogresz - Dependance Of Distant Us


Dependance Of Distant Us

Worthy follower on the first release of this new label from Rotterdam (which was cat#00). Philogresz is expressing himself with 2 well crafted and lus... more...

12inch Phil: Phil001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Simon Hinter - Phil000

Simon Hinter


New label from Rotterdam called Phil with a great debut! Made by Simon Hinter. Amazing hybrid between melodic electronica and deeper house and classic... more...

12inch Phil: Phil000 € 9,99