Label: Phoenix G - All

06-09-2017 - wednesday

Mr. G - All About Expression EP

Mr. G

All About Expression EP

Great house cuts by Mr. G on his Phoenix G imprint. 'Gotta keep pushing forwards. This one is personal!' more...

12inch Phoenix G: PG058 € 10,49

29-06-2017 - thursday

Mr. G - Retro 1

Mr. G

Retro 1

Connaisseur of all things funky, ''Mr.G'' is re-releasing some of his most classic tracks through his ever advancing Phoenix G imprint. From Gladesmen... more...

12inch Phoenix G: PGR01 € 10,49

08-05-2017 - monday

Mr. G - Diggerz Delite

Mr. G

Diggerz Delite

Mr. G's annual Record Store Day release! No snips available, store only

12inch Phoenix G: PGRSD2017 store only

25-01-2017 - wednesday

Mr. G - On One / How It Is Sometimez

Mr. G

On One / How It Is Sometimez

On One / How It Is Sometimez is a special Japan import 10'' that corresponds to the ''A good place...?'' LP. Mr.G's new full length album.

10inch Phoenix G: PGGP10 remind

Mr. G - Urban Warfare

Mr. G

Urban Warfare

In the rebound: Mr. G with an excellent deep and hypnotizing release.

12inch Phoenix G: PG039RP remind

09-11-2016 - wednesday

Mr. G - A Good Place...?

Mr. G

A Good Place...?

Mr. G returns for his fifth album 'A Good Place..?' landing on his renowned Phoenix G imprint in November. 'This was a real surprise as I thought I... more...

2x12inch Phoenix G: PGGP1 remind

26-09-2016 - monday

24-08-2016 - wednesday

Mr. G - Remote Viewing EP

Mr. G

Remote Viewing EP

MR.G launches the 51st installment in his Phoenix G series. A 3-track counting excellent 12' that catches several emotions and vibes. Spaced out Mango... more...

12inch Phoenix G: PG051 remind

23-06-2016 - thursday

Mr. G - Conectionz Ep (Ben Sims remix)

Mr. G

Conectionz Ep (Ben Sims remix)

Mr.G comes up with another addition to his Phoenix G catalog. This time long time friend Ben Sims does a splendid remix on the A side. Furthermore, Mr... more...

12inch Phoenix G: PG054B € 9,99

08-03-2016 - tuesday

Mr. G - Still Here

Mr. G

Still Here

Phoenix G's latest output is another Mr.G effort with great versatility. Showcasing the original G sound throughout the whole EP, the G man comes up w... more...

12inch Phoenix G: PG055S remind

09-02-2016 - tuesday

Mr. G Presents Jayson Wynters  - Unfamiliar Territories EP

Mr. G Presents Jayson Wynters

Unfamiliar Territories EP

ho would've ever thought? The G man found himself a protege. After the odd 50+ solo releases offered through his Phoenix G imprint 'Mr.G' has found hi... more...

12inch Phoenix G: PG053S remind

26-11-2015 - thursday

30-09-2015 - wednesday

Mr. G - Night On the Town

Mr. G

Night On the Town

Where the usual MR.G sound is still present on this 2x12'' LP, Night On The Town showcases G's more adventurous works and exposes some of his more exo... more...

2LP Phoenix G: PGSEXlp01 € 25,99

27-05-2015 - wednesday

Mr G - Personal Momentz

Mr G

Personal Momentz

Additional ep release to Mr G's recent album. Techno/house tracks drenched in Funk and topped with the signature drum programming of Mr G.

12inch Phoenix G: PG003Ep € 9,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

13-11-2014 - thursday

Mr. G - Personal Momentz

Mr. G

Personal Momentz

'''Well, ain't this a surprise? Took me a year to do the last album and this one wrote itself over 10 days - my first times back in the studio ( aka T... more...

2LP Phoenix G: PG003DLP remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

08-07-2014 - tuesday

Mr G. - Lifes Changing Face ep

Mr G.

Lifes Changing Face ep

Repress of this cool Mr G 3 tracker. Including the amazing ''Be Free'' track on b2. Tip!

12inch Phoenix G: PG003 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Mr G - Stripped Back EP

Mr G

Stripped Back EP

Strong intuitive techno tracks by Mr G. Basic and functional funk driven tracks.

12inch Phoenix G: PG041 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

22-01-2014 - wednesday

13-11-2013 - wednesday

Mr G - VFM Ep

Mr G


MR.G is returning with a mint 4 tracker for the heads. 4 acey analog anthems with that authentic MR.G. sound. Rich basses and excellent placed vocal c... more...

12inch Phoenix G: PG048 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

19-04-2013 - friday

MR G - Another Zone EP


Another Zone EP

Mr. G continues his legacy with a hard hitting 12' which entirely covers the broad spectrum of true house music. While the A1 track starts out a littl... more...

12inch Phoenix G: PG047 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

11-04-2013 - thursday

14-03-2012 - wednesday

Mr G. - Reflection Ep

Mr G.

Reflection Ep

Straight up Dubby, Techy and Deephouse with beautiful pads and one shots. Bossebollen is a true spooky house anthem with well placed one shot vocals.... more...

12inch Phoenix G: PG040 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Mr. G - Pumped Up ep

Mr. G

Pumped Up ep

Colin Mc Bean with his Mr G project dropping some solid club tunes. Nice jacking techno-ish tracks.

12inch Phoenix G: PG030 remind

Mr. G - Nu Page ep

Mr. G

Nu Page ep

Colin McBean has been around for ages and this man has seen and done a thing or two for real! For this latest outing he presents a fantastic gem that... more...

12inch Phoenix G: PG028 remind

Mr G - Shelter

Mr G


This release is one to watch with a superb groove, deep melodic atmospheres and huge sub-bass.

12inch Phoenix G: PG024 remind