Label: Pseudo records - All

Richie Inkle - -b+lh ep

Richie Inkle

-b+lh ep

This new France imprint serves us 2 Detroit like techno beauties.. These tracks should never end. Brilliant stuff.. CHECK!!

12inch Pseudo records: Pseudo 001 remind

Matt Nee - Textured ep

Matt Nee

Textured ep

Steady detroitish techno tracks for the floor with deep strings and basic channel like dub sounds.. Nice!

12inch Pseudo records: Pseudo 004 remind

V/A - 2 + 2 = 5


2 + 2 = 5

A 4 various artists / tracks ep! Sierra Sam, Ad.Lib, Arne Weinberg and Richie Unkle.

12inch Pseudo records: Pseudo 005 remind

Damon Wild - Smoked Grooves

Damon Wild

Smoked Grooves

This 'Smoked Grooves' is the deep side of a new project which will soon include a second part entitled 'Fried Grooves' on his own label Synewave.

12inch Pseudo records: Psuedo Records 006 remind

Vince Watson - Eminations Volume 1

Vince Watson

Eminations Volume 1

Beautiful,deep, Detroit inspired techno on this French quality label.

12inch Pseudo records: Pseudo Records 007 remind